The Creepy "Charlie Charlie" Challenge Is Taking Over The Internet, And I'll Be Here Pretending To Not Be Freaked Out If You Need Me — PHOTOS

Being a teenager doesn't just involved pining for Justin Bieber's love, obsessing over Kylie Jenner's lips and gathering an Instagram following. There's also some black magic involved. They're now taking the "Charlie Charlie Challenge," an ouija board-ish game that has taken over Twitter, Vine and Instagram in the last few days. It involves using pencils to summon a Mexican demon that will answer any question you ask. Think of it as Aladdin's genie meets Ouija meets Lisa Frank school supplies.

When I was having slumber parties as a teenager, they were filled with "never have I evers" and maybe a healthy game of truth or dare. We were never much for the dark arts. But maybe with the guarantee that a Mexican demon could answer our questions, we would've gotten excited about it.

Here's how it plays out:

  1. You take two pencils, and place them on top of each other in the shape of a cross.
  2. You create four quadrants on a piece of paper and label two of them "yes" and two of them "no."
  3. And then, if you're still with me here, you recite the phrase "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" (Or you can say, "Can we play?" if you're feeling particularly frisky.)

If the pencil points toward "yes" then Charlie is upon you! Mazel tov.

And if you're a grown-ass woman, you can get in on the action too for all of your toughest decisions:

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It's like when spin the bottle lands on your crush. Ish. Here's what your "Charlie Charlie Challenge" board should look like:


Or, if you have any good sense, you'll try it with beer instead.

Just be warned. The power of Christ compels you. Maybe.

This is more in line with the Charlie Charlie Challenge I want to be a part of:

And here's the only appropriate reaction to the entire Mexican demon trend:

So if you're searching for answers in your life, and are underaged and can't ask your bartender like the rest of us living clichés, try summoning a Mexican demon and maybe they'll have answers for you. Godspeed.

Image: Warner Bros.