Will Jon Snow Die On 'Game of Thrones'? Season 5 May Be Preparing Us For A Tearful Goodbye

I spent a great deal of time yesterday chatting with a friend about how dry this season of Game of Thrones has been. In fact, it's nearly impossible to believe that we are closing in on the final episodes of this season. Aside from Sansa's horrific ordeal, and Cersei finally getting what's been coming to her, this season for feels somewhat lackluster. It's sad when you begin to miss someone as sadistic as Joffrey, but at least he was entertaining to watch. After "The Red Wedding" in the third season, I thought I'd lose complete interest in the series. However, I got over my devastation and stuck with the show, and GoT hasn't let me down until now. Looking back on past seven episodes of this season, there seems to be one major thread running throughout: The once timid Jon Snow has finally come into his own. But could this mean that like so many beloved characters before him, Jon Snow is marching to his death?

Jon Snow has really grown since we were first introduced to him in the first season of the series. From Ned Stark's bastard with no name or land to claim for his own, he turn to the Night's Watch and the dreary dank Wall resolving to spend the rest of his days defending the realm. Since then he's lost the majority of his family and his first love, Ygritte. As result of several unexpected events, Jon is now Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and he is being forced to put on his big boy pants, and make decisions that his Night's Watch brothers don't agree with. Thought it pains him to do so, Jon even shows his truth strength by beheading Janos Slynt, because apparently beheading someone makes you a real man. Major, major book spoilers below.

Jon's new position in the Night's Watch is what ultimately leads to his demise in the books. As we all know, Jon has set off on a quest to form an alliance with the Wildlings as a way to survive the forthcoming winter. This is viewed as a betrayal to the brothers, and in the books, Snow is ambushed and stabbed repeatedly while the brothers whisper "For the watch." While many fans hold out hope that Jon is not actually dead — this horrific stabbing is the last we see of him in the books, so far — it does not look good for the Stark bastard.

In this past Sunday's episode "The Gift" we saw Jon set off on his quest. However, his decision to do so it met with major disgust and animosity from his brothers. As the show has progressed, its creators have decided to not always follow the narrative of the books. So even if Jon does in the books, he may have a place on television. For example, Sansa Stark never married Ramsay Snow in George R.R. Martin's saga. Still, I'm not so sure that Jon is going to be able find his way outside of this situation. Even if the Wildlings don't murder him themselves, he certainly won't be receiving a warm welcome home when he returns to The Wall.

A Song Of Ice And Fire series writer George R.R. Martin has always impressed upon his fans that no one in his books are safe, and the HBO series has also taken that sentiment tp heart. With Season 6 of the series already underway and the next installment Martin's epic "Winds of Winter" coming out in the near future, I wouldn't be too shocked if Jon Snow was no more. (After all, if you've made it this far in the saga, then you're doing pretty well.) However, there may be one thing that could save the Lord Commander: If the “R + L = J” theory is true, then Jon Snow is the true ruler of the seven realms, and the iron throne is his for the taking.

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