Hey 'Game Of Thrones,' He'd Better Live

by Keertana Sastry

This year has been such a bummer lately. Not that Game of Thrones Season 4 hasn't been fantastic as always, but why do all of our favorite characters keep having such terrible luck and tragic endings? First Tyrion gets blamed for killing Joffrey who I think we can all agree deserved his death. Then there's that trial by combat featuring everyone's favorite Season 4 newbie Prince Oberyn who has one of the brutal death scenes ever on television. And let's not forget Jon Snow, who's facing some serious danger in Episode 9. Why does George R.R. Martin want to torture us?

As it is, a few fan favorites are still left standing, but in pretty bad shape: Tyrion is headed for execution, Arya is still a prisoner of The Hound, and Jon Snow is faced with trouble in the North. Jon's situation is particularly perilous: he not has to deal with only the Wildlings he betrayed but his own dwindling faction and those dreaded Whitewalkers who could literally jump out at anytime and destroy everyone.

And yet, Jon Snow has another big problem coming his way: The Wildlings are coming. Jon know that Mance Rayder and his army are on their way to Castle Black and will attack soon. So what does this mean for the dwindling Castle Black soldiers? Will Jon survive the attack?

Spoilers for George R.R. Martin's books to follow.

The attack does happen — in fact it happens in the third George R.R. Martin book. When the Wildlings finally arrive, Jon Snow leads the rest of the defense team to hold The Wall from the assault. With Jon's great, natural leadership the defense is successful and all of The Wildling attackers die in the battle. Sadly this does include Ygritte who dies in the devastated Jon's arms. So any hope for a reconciliation is ruined.

As of now, Jon Snow survives the dangerous land of Westeros, but it is quite the shock that Ygritte, Jon's first love, must die. She is a strong woman who never needs a man to save her or tell her what to do. That loss will affect Jon Snow, but he also will have many other problems and responsibilities to deal with after the attack ends. The leadership he shows during the assault impresses many at Castle Black and he is chosen to be Lord Commander in an easy vote. I can't wait to see how Game Of Thrones handles Lord Jon Snow next season.

Images: HBO; Tumblr/katherinenader; Tumblr/dont-be-too-hard-on-yourself