An Ode To 'Bones' Cutie, John Francis Daley

by Sara Steinfeld

How's your day been so far? Kinda meh, right? Well, that's probably because you haven't spent any time thinking about Bones ' resident cutie, John Francis Daley, yet today. Because, let me tell you, that's a day-peaker if ever there was one. So much so that it drove me to invent the phrase "day-peaker." Seriously, though, he's a pretty impressive guy. He got his start on Freaks and Geeks with the likes of Jason Segel and James Franco, he wrote the screenplay and story, respectively, for both Horrible Bosses films, and he's easily the best thing to ever come out of Bones . If that's not too bold to say.

I'll spare you all of the Bones/boning jokes, because I don't particularly want to alienate any of my readers right of the bat. But, just know that there are plenty of jokes re: boning John Francis Daley rattling around in my brain. Apologies to his wife (except NO APOLOGIES, NEVER SURRENDER). Seriously though, for those of you who aren't familiar with the show, his character is (well, spoiler alert , was) the best. Dr. Lance Sweets was an FBI agent and psychologist, and his character brought a more human dimension to the show. He was by far the most likable person on screen at any given moment. That's because he's just the best on his own. In fact, here are nine reasons JFD is the greatest.

Just Look At That Adorable Face

Don't you just wanna pinch those cute little cheeks?! (Is that weird to say about a grown man that you've never met before?)

He Can Laugh At Himself

For those of you who don't understand his reference, allow him to be of assistance almost one year later:

We are all JFD's stank face.

But Seriously, His Twitter Is Gold

And that was all from one day. I'm practically convulsing.

He's Basically The Reason Booth And Brennan Got Together

JFD's character was basically the catalyst that set off every decision that ultimately brought Booth and Brennan together. If we're being forced to survive the show without him, at least his glorious handiwork remains.

And He Used His Final Moments To Comfort Other People

BRB I'm just weeping and falling in love with him all over again. It's a very confusing combination of feelings, TBH.

He Unleashed His Glorious Musical Talent Unto Us All

This show also introduced us to JFD's actual band, Dayplayer!

He Had Some Of The Most Important Lines On The Show

Like that one. And this one:

This show doesn't always tackle important social issues, but when it did, Sweets was always the one to do it in the most straightforward and accessible way.

He Taught Us All How To Get Over A Bad Break Up

Just dance it out, y'all.

And Most Of All, He Changed The Pattern Of The Entire Show

Without him, the characters on Bones would probably never have developed past their initial flaws, and then who knows how the show would've done? IMHO, Lance Sweets (and John Francis Daley) single-handedly carried the show to the place it is now. His wisdom and cuteness will be never be forgotten.

We'll miss ya, Sweets. It's been a great ride.

Images: sweet-facts-about-sweets (6), hellyeahboothandbrennan, wellsbones/Tumblr