7 Things Keira Knightley Learned While Pregnant That Will Make Her A Great New Mom — VIDEOS

Have you heard the exciting news? According to several entertainment outlets, Keira Knightley gave birth to her first child with husband James Righton. In addition to Knightley and Righton not yet releasing an official statement about their baby, there's been no official word about whether the couple had a boy or a girl. Whatever the case, I hope the actress is still not in "denial," as she told Jimmy Kimmel while chatting with the talk show host in February 2015. With that said, it's probably safe to assume that the 30-year-old has learned quite a bit about motherhood and realized her life has changed for good with this new addition.

There's no doubt that becoming a parent for the first time ever is overwhelming and somewhat scary, because not only are you responsible for taking care of a human being, but you also have to teach yourself what to and what not to do when it comes to a baby. I guess that's why so many parents read books on pregnancy and childcare and get advice from fellow moms and dads.

Take Knightley, who received a lot of advice from both Kimmel as well as Ellen DeGeneres. Being pregnant is a great learning experience and absolutely life-changing, which I'm pretty sure Knightley picked up on throughout the process. Going by what Oscar-nominee said in here recent interviews, here are seven ways her life has probably changed since giving birth.

1. She Now Knows Babies Don't Sleep In Cupboards

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

When she was a guest on his show, Kimmel informed Knightley that babies need their own rooms. However, Knightley didn't seem to know that, so she suggested that the baby sleep in a cupboard. Um, as much as I'm sure she wants her baby to be Harry Potter, babies don't sleep in cupboards.

2. She Now Knows A Changing Table Is Important

TheEllenShow on YouTube

Kimmel and DeGeneres also told Knightley the importance of a changing table, in addition to how to use one. I bet she's is already the master of changing her baby's diaper, ensuring he/she doesn't roll off the table, and throwing the dirty diaper away all at once.

3. She Now Knows Alcohol Is Needed At Awards Shows

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

She was pregnant during awards season, so she wasn't able to drink at the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. Bummer, for sure. It's safe to say she knows how much of a pain it is to be sober while waiting to find out if you're going to win or lose in your category.

4. She Now Knows Having A Little Boy Can Be Dangerous

Thanks to Kimmel, Knightley now knows there is always a risk of getting pee in your face when changing a baby, especially if it's a boy. Let's hope if she is now the mother of a son, that she can dodge pee like the fabulous and talented woman she is.

5. She Now Knows Pregnancy Helps You Cut Lines

As Us Weekly reported, Knightley cut the bathroom line at the Golden Globes thanks to being pregnant. Per Us, she said as heading into the bathroom, "I'm sorry, excuse me, pregnant lady coming through!" I guess she can always fake a baby bump to get to the head of the line now, right?

6. She Now Knows Purses Are Meant For Snacks

Awards season might be a great time to wear beautiful gowns, but it leaves women no opportunity to carry a big purse. However, Knightley took advantage of her small clutch by swapping out lipstick for a snack. She told Entertainment Tonight, "Luckily I don't have lipstick. I only have nuts in here. It's the wonderful thing about being pregnant. You just need to make sure you have snacks. So this is a snack bag."

7. She Now Knows Mary Poppins Is A Necessity

Where is Julie Andrews when Knightley needs her the most? Mary Poppins isn't just a classic Disney movie or book, it's also proof that every parent would benefit from a real-life nanny to discard dirty diapers — something that Knightley and Kimmel once joked about.

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