'Inside Amy Schumer' Goes "Inside The Universe" With A Little Help From Bill Nye & She's Spot-On... Again

In these trying and confusing times, young women are constantly looking for answers about the ways of the universe. Is there a plan for me? Can I navigate through the oppression of the patriarchy, especially if I am not a white woman? Will I ever stop seeing think pieces about why selfies are bad and things you should never say to someone with Chronic B**ch Face? All, unclear. Thankfully, there are those brave souls that are taking more than one for the team to elucidate some of these haunting problems, like our very own Amy Schumer, who's here with an "Inside the Universe" sketch on Inside Amy Schumer . But even powerful women like Ames need a little help from her friends, when it comes to such vastness like the cosmos, so Amy Schumer called in backup with the inimitable Bill Nye, who is definitely having a Moment right now.

We're lucky he stepped in to help us navigate and discover what the true chaos of the Universe is pointing to: and, apparently, and unfortunately, it is "essentially a force sending guidance to white women in their 20s" to realize their Pinterest board dreams. Implausible? Too far-reaching? Honestly, this is as good an explanation as any as to why white girls keep wearing headdresses to Coachella. The best moments of Bill's guide to the meaning of the Cosmos:

Bill Effing Nye

Who better to lead us through this journey than Bill Nye the science guy, the same man whom, for many of us, taught us about gravity and friction with the help of many props (mostly balloons) in hundreds of public school classrooms on VHS?

Epiphanies Over FroYo

It is truly the way of a believer to make the connection that reading your Google Maps directions wrong and leading you to a vitamin store is the benevolent hand of the universe guiding your way. This is definitely an occasion that calls for making your girlfriend drop whatever she's doing to listen to your life-changing experience over fat free Peachy Keen.

Amber Tamblyn, Amy, & Soul Cycle

A veritable tableaux of the white girl being helped by the universe: Amy gushes that she was feeling stressed and uncertain about sleeping with her married boss, until she sees a girl in yoga with a shirt that says "chill," clearly the destined advice sent to her strictly from the cosmos through the vehicle of this LuluLemoner in child's pose. Fate! Also, HI Amber Tamblyn, we haven't seen you in a minute.

Abbi? Ilana?!?!

Even though I'm not a white woman in my twenties thus unqualified for the help of the Universe, at least the cosmos threw us all a little bone by putting Abbi and Ilana on earth. Here they sit, discussing the power of putting out positive energy into the Universe to finally find that rare, apricot puggle, and get that mitten business up and running from Pinterest to Pin-reality.

That's Enough For Nye

As open to new theories about the space-time continuum as he may be, it seems like Bill Nye the Fed Up Guy just cannot stand Amber Tamblyn praising in-app purchases over avoiding "boring disaster coverage." In perhaps the greatest words that could ever come out of Bill Nye's mouth, he throws in the towel and exits stage left with "That just makes no f**king sense, I mean... that's just bulls**t. F**K." Ah, yeah dude. Couldn't agree with your more.

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