Lady Gaga's Wedding Dress Could Be Any Of These 10 Predictions, Based On Mother Monster's Style

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After news broke of Lady Gaga's engagement to Taylor Kinney, the world first eagerly admired the singer's distinctive, heart-shaped ring and quickly moved on to a more pressing question: What bizarrely beautiful, offbeat, and utterly aesthetically-challenging design would be Lady Gaga's wedding dress? While Women's Wear Daily looked directly to couture designers for original wedding gown sketches fashioned with Gaga in mind, I prefer to base my predictions off of the singer's red carpet history instead. Will Lady Gaga choose a classic silhouette designed by the venerable Versace? Can the world expect another Armani confection that mimics the appearance of the rings of Saturn? Scroll through for ten wedding gown predictions based upon Lady Gaga's finest sartorial hits over the years.

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