10 Emojis Hillary Clinton Frequently Uses Because She's All About Making Strong & Succinct Statements

As a culture, we're pretty obsessed with politicians and their private lives, and we sure to love to know what our nation's leaders talk about when they talk to each other. And thanks to all the hubbub surrounding Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal, we know that the presidential hopeful is fond of sending messages, and enjoys adding a touch of humor here and there. All that is missing are emojis! This opens up a beautiful thought-path into what Hillary Clinton's favorite emojis must be.

Given her wit and smarts, I have to imagine that Clinton regularly uses emojis. Perhaps to take the edge off of a text-debate with a Republican, to crack up her staff, or to send a little love to her family. You know, like we all do. Emojis enable us to get to the point quickly, and who needs to make their points faster and with as much emphasis as possible more than a presidential candidate?!

Thanks to The New Yorker's Mar. 30 cover, we can fantasize about what a Hilary Clinton-dominated emoji world would look like, and how HRC would perhaps communicate via smileys in the future (the winking Hillary is wonderful). But for now, like the rest of us, Clinton must make do with what the Apple and Android gods currently offer.

If we could take a peek into Hillary's iMessages, I bet these emojis would make the most frequent appearances:

The Unamused Emoji

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/j2TX_B_yscX0YDkSKCpuaZUrTKoDYh4NC0MHi-bZT6_DBAkcVHh8Y5ILLrfg3P2hjIn4xM9bkfOHYTXxHX-7tuzOKr4blrn7bizp6D-pa1WTIBRHMJM07UT5G169PocJoxOh-28" alt="unamusedpng" height="128" width="128"/>

This little baby must come into play when she’s dealing with the likes of, say, House Speaker John Boehner. I like to think Clinton read about his obsession with her emails and sent this emoji his way as a response.

Confetti Ball

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/CHH_Qwk8LUQA0VnTuw_B3nRc0WSidj7rp69En-YLitQCk6Gv2k3usTGybQ0UiJABt7jmlLr5MyCfRC8B-pfE7M1B2WZdg3VqgKCZXnruZDzgNGaGBpFLxYmyquJszsGwaXDLlh8" alt="confettiballjpg" height="160" width="160"/>

Clinton has really been kicking ass lately. In particular, she's getting major pats on the back this week for her genius move regarding her stance on amnesty for immigrants to the U.S. I hope Clinton is tooting her own horn in texts to supporters and haters alike with some celebratory confetti!

Kitty Heart Eyes

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/P8PkB9_3QIlWbFySQPkgrvvNRg00CnDvQZ2SgX1rWxDibqAcxn32EXjwCAZKjFS2LDdUGCGgrQl84u9ui5oAcpgThQNuprWpOdqur8nQoakqqB3M1ujvqfmxLkV2-j6Zi9RNYi4" alt="cathearteyesjpg" height="160" width="160"/>

Despite tough goings for Clinton and her husband, Bill, as a couple back in the 90s, the pair seems to be going strong after over 30 years of marriage. Because Clinton and Bill are animal lovers (and a cat is just more adorable and hilarious than a human a lot of the time), I’m betting Clinton uses this emoji to let Bill know her true feelings for him when they can’t be together face to face. And speaking of animals...


<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/PLqp_Ob6vpqIR_5wRBzgbaM2cQVFcHKJsSsJCepK8bN7fU2FMkvjwHvMyeGBYIT1vo_Jx0tNULtPAeR-KFX-DzZXTcMUkEsCEBgy-ZiHAMabwJJZ8aBc7RqPRpBJxp0zeOmbkMk" alt="dogpng" height="72" width="72"/>

Clinton once told Diane Sawyer that her perfect day would end “with my family, go for a long walk probably with our dogs.” A woman after my own heart!

Woman With Her Hand Raised

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/fP064fFXdZxIMzD1IfzVQtVMfWAZw--4e8EY9oJ3KvyZwodLpkM_pSCiSZAi15jlixSQHyP71kKu9SfkndO2n8kuagcx7zRZvf7elZbvsYe7glWlkkqG1D2KvEWCFOLrALzx_FE" alt="handraisepng" height="160" width="160"/>

Okay, back to business. Clinton is an outspoken supporter for the rights of women, including both mothers, women seeking abortion, and women in the workplace. With the smiling face and the hand raised high, there's no doubt Clinton uses this emoji to express her support for women via text messages.

Shocked Face

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/jr4SYeL1Uid_vf2wt4Q-QqQO4E4pSsrbtrKMDLhbdtyywqHjEpIgXqkNPSAd0UC6aQGuKtLgf7jezAFw-bP0Jk03hTcWchGfOFe057qD5Tnv1XA5_Xkc6C4L60Ay8vNeSBTCkTo" alt="shockedpng" height="128" width="128"/>

After that photo of the White House’s Situation Room during the assassination of bin Laden went viral (in large part because Clinton appears shocked), I thought, "It’s great that Clinton is actually showing a human emotion during a very intense event." Clinton isn’t afraid to show how she feels, even if that means catching some flack from the media for it.

Swimming Guy

<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/4GdEJvM3ztZUK6Yf-nRMDPEGp0bP77-32H4ZKFXq0vy8zx7QLGBx42uLoTMVgjDNQErB-KaeMVULiXdI7btJFLuK--kZDzLLVo-XzUFmmuHZ_XQ8-0nAG7ywTf52MXnNHZfR_28" alt="swimmerpng" height="160" width="160"/>

Clinton apparently loves to swim, and she and Bill swim together frequently. When she’s in a rush, she probably texts the former president this little swimmer emoji with a few “!!” to let him know she wants to hit the pool like, now. (Also: what the heck? Why don’t we have a lady swimmer emoji?!) This has me thinking that maybe the real presidential race should be happening in the water…


<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/x0GeAg9BfeSoLZDSrHLlMiU21PifmEhE_Tckk4yjIpRgTz2NVyxciBveGoJ5BCctEeC44JbXqUWtNmVbLB0rG8dXN33R2pnf-Umr8SilsZ-fSidBwix_zL1Wm0rNcCiYOc6XPDU" alt="hourglassjpg" height="160" width="160"/>

Clinton is a busy woman and has to run a tight ship with her staff if she’s to have a successful campaign. I bet the hourglass comes into play when she just doesn’t have the time of day to remind everyone what she needs and when. If I got this text from her, the “chop chop” would be heard loud and clear.


<img class="article-body-image" src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/hszsa2gwrWV9-9AdiE1CaCzHw9TQDKUSM1tM3c02Etz0XWT0LZRLcwrs51gLqWx3R1TQwQnw66tDSKWEUozI0YGHyjoRCCxfth5GQUMOVLLMXZNwl4hS2wWBn4SmFsl9xZbYH3U" alt="winejpg" height="160" width="160"/>

I know that after a long day at my job, I’m ready for a little liquid relaxation. We can only imagine how much Clinton must need a little pick-me-up at the end of an exhausting campaign trip. I can picture her sending an urgent text to Chelsea that reads “Where’s my favorite drinking buddy?” with a string of emoji goblets following. Cheers to you, Hillary.

Flexed Bicep

<img title="Image: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/F1zOfSgaxCWCTNkjAEAvJ9y6qpRRET4dv2qfNLsMfBA86vZo4G8LgbhnAt2fW2qCHIsMv1a3-jj9dlREHObDucEUqBFbwd7tY4Qo18pIBVFneLzfBD-GmMAb4GIplPCaig_UJ-4" class="article-body-image" src="https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/F1zOfSgaxCWCTNkjAEAvJ9y6qpRRET4dv2qfNLsMfBA86vZo4G8LgbhnAt2fW2qCHIsMv1a3-jj9dlREHObDucEUqBFbwd7tY4Qo18pIBVFneLzfBD-GmMAb4GIplPCaig_UJ-4" alt="strongpng" height="160" width="160"/>

Because females are strong as hell! Clinton almost definitely throws in a flexed bicep emoji whenever she is messaging other women politicians to congratulate them on victories, or lift them up when things aren’t going well. It’s still hard out there for women in government, and a boost like this from HRC would certainly go a long way.

Images: Emojipedia (10)