Sonja Finally Shows Her Clothing Line On 'RHONY'

For many seasons on The Real Housewives of New York City, we've seen Sonja Morgan try to get her global lifestyle brand, which seems to include everything from fashion to food to burlesque, off the ground. However, nothing more than a nice-looking cardboard box meant to be filled with a fancy toaster oven seems to have materialized. In Tuesday night's episode of RHONY, Sonja threw a party to celebrate making the cover of Latino Show Magazine (yes, I was as surprised at that one as you were), and that wasn't the only thing she and the other Housewives celebrated.

Hold onto your Yummie Tummies, ladies and germs, because Sonja wore an actual, real-live gown from her fashion collection to show off at the party. What's more, there was even an ad for her fashion collection featured in Latino Show Magazine. The dress was long and bright red and altogether very Sonja.

Well, RHONY might as well have stopped there, because I basically fainted when I saw Sonja actually come through with something from her long-fabled company. She has talked about several of her business ventures for at least a few seasons of RHONY, but the only thing that ever came to fruition was a box for her toaster oven. Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman's husband, and Bethenny Frankel have all tried to help Sonja focus and actually get her business off the ground, to no avail.

With all of that in mind, you might think that the Housewives would be happy to see Sonja finally accomplish what she has set out to do for so long. And most of them were, although everyone was very, very confused about why Sonja, who is not Latina, would appear on the cover of Latino Show Magazine. But she looked gorgeous, so let's just try to forget about how strange this whole situation is. Kristen even apologized for judging Sonja too harshly during this whole ordeal.

However, Heather still threw some shade. As someone who has successfully launched and led a fashion brand, Heather is going to be one tough nut to crack. And indeed she was. Though she applauded Sonja for finally having a dress to show for all of the talk of her fashion collection and other business ventures, Heather remarked, "An ad in a magazine is not a collection."

No, it is not, and I share the same skepticism as Heather. Having one dress to show off in a fashion spread or at an event is one thing; designing, manufacturing, and distributing an entire fashion line is another.

Or should I say I would share the same skepticism as Heather if I didn't have the luxury of living in the future since this episode was filmed. Sonja has indeed launched a clothing line, which you can purchase online.

Well, Sonja. You certainly showed us all. What can I say?

Images: Heidi Gutman/Bravo; Gif-Weenus; Giphy