A$AP Rocky Name-Drops Major High-Fashion Designers In His Latest Album "At.Long.Last.ASAP"

The long-awaited album of A$AP Rocky, At.Long.Last.ASAP was just released and, according to Vogue, it's packed with tons of fashion references — who knew this hard rapper had a luxury fashionista side to him? Behind those grills and layered varsity jackets, A$AP Rocky talks about high-fashion in At.Long.Last.ASAP . That’s right, not just any type of fashion, but high-fashion designer names like Goyard and Raf Simons. Out of all the tracks in his latest album, the track called "Jukebox Joints" has the most fashion references by far.

Rocky's flow goes, “Rolling spliffs, clique beside me, fingers Liberace/When I seen this b*tch in Venice, Tommy and some mean Huaraches.” By Tommy, he’s talking about Mr. Hilfiger, and according to his lines, his ideal party outfit would consist of Tommy Hilfiger threads and a pair of Nike Huaraches.

Another part in one of his bars goes, “Call my Prada prior, cause it’s dropping next fall/Don’t you short the next ball, my closet like the Met ball.” Here, he’s laying down some braggadocio, saying he’s got all the latest threads in his closet, just like what everyone was sporting at the Met Gala. The song also features Mr. Fashionista himself — Yeezy. In it, Kanye West raps, “Man, everything basic to Ye Guevara/That means Saint Laurent is my Zara/I remember Rochelle ain’t wanna f*ck me with the polo/Ay bitch you missed out, hashtag #Fomo.” Here, West was saying how he sees Saint Laurent as novelty, whereas everyone else considers Zara to be pumping out that new-new. In the latter half of his quoted verse, he’s giving a shout-out to his favorite popped-collar polo looks from 2007.

To see the full analysis of all of A$AP Rocky’s fashion references, head over to Vogue!

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