GAP x Spring Team Up For Digital Pop-Up Shop

GAP has dealt with the increased shrinking of the mall marketplace, as fast fashion retailers like H&M, Forever 21, and Zara continue to dominate the shopping landscape. But GAP is launching its first-ever digital pop-up shop on Spring, the mobile marketplace that connects more than 750 brands directly to consumers, reminding us why GAP still matters.

What's super cool about the Gap x Spring digital pop-up, besides the fact that a brick and mortar retailer is utilizing an up and coming online marketplace, is that the pieces are limited edition and perfect for summer.

The pop-up features the GAP Remix Project Collection, where 11 global artists designed tees incorporating the very familiar GAP logo. So it's essentially remixed logo tees.

The remixed tees will be available as of May 29 — that's Friday — so why not do a little weekend shopping from the comforts of the couch, smartphone in palm? It's going to be ungodly hot out this weekend, so you can shop without sweating or going out or even firing up the laptop, since it's mobile phone shopping.

... unless, of course, you break a sweat while stressing over which tees you want to buy, since they're all so awesome.

All the remix logo tees are below, with my short 'n' sweet take on them.

Cute and girlish.

Loud and graphic novel-esque.

Eye-catching and architectural.

Wait, where is the Gap logo? Optical illusion, yo!

The eyes have it.

Rock 'n' roll... and that's some bald head.


Bold and beautiful.

Logo love.

It looks like a Pink Floyd concert tee.

Bridging the... Gap! There it is.

I like them all.

Images: Gap, Inc./Derris PR (12)