This Choreography Makes The Ordinary Extraordinary

Dear people who are coordinated: ...How? Guys, I was once asked in a physical to walk in a straight line for ten feet, and I tripped. I'm not clumsy in the cutesy Jess Day from New Girl way. I'm basically a walking lawsuit. This is partially why I can't stop staring at this amazing choreography by AXYZM Movement Designers that basically makes a day in the life of every ordinary person seem that much more "blah" than it already was. Like, what plane of existence are the people in this video from? Because I want to go to there.

The video follows a bunch of people doing ordinary day-to-day tasks like cooking, setting the table, and even playing video games. Except when they do it, it becomes so much more baller that you will feel like the one awkward mortal in a room full of superheroes. The choreographers manage to turn even the most mundane moments into stunning visuals, and what makes it even more impressive is that all of these incredibly intricate, mind-blowing moves happen in seconds. Your brain doesn't even have time to go KABLOOM until it's onto the next thing.

Here are just a few of the ordinary things they managed to make extraordinary:

Playing video games

Playing shady poker in a secret underground hotel ring

Playing catch


Shooting hoops

Those are truly just the tip of the iceberg, though. If you're ready to get your mind blown, sit yourself down and take a load of this. Yes, it's going to make your life seem super boring in comparison, and I don't have a cure for that—except maybe to watch this over and over again and not bothering with the "real world" at all:

Images: YouTube(6)