11 Instagram Bloggers From Around The World For All The Summer Inspo You Need

Memorial Day is behind us, and June has made its sunny appearance, so it's with great excitement and visions of the ocean and sand that I welcome summer. And when it comes to looking for great new styles to wear this season, I'm turning to Instagram for my summer 2015 fashion inspiration.

The great thing about following tons of Instagram fashion accounts is that the world is literally at your fingertips, and it's not hard to see how fashion is becoming — like most things in the world — a globalized industry. With the ability to see so many different looks from around the world so easily, and with most major fashion chains offering world-wide shipping, turning your look into something truly inspired by other parts of the world is totally accessible — and so much fun!

Of course, this time of year can look very different around the world, as far as weather goes, but for the most part, it's time to bring out the shorts, dresses, skirts, and tank tops and show a little skin.

Here's hoping you get your summer fashion fix, or at least some new ideas for your wardrobes, from these 13 fashion bloggers and Instagrammers from around the world. From here in the U.S. to Australia and everywhere in between, the exciting street-style looks are endless.

1. Off-The-Shoulder Dress, Los Angeles

Let's start our journey around the world here in America. If you haven't already noticed, the off-the-shoulder neckline is back in full force. This look is casual enough to wear in the day, but joined with a great pair of heels it's a fun evening or date outfit.

2. Bright Colors, Germany

Varied patterns and bright colors are a summer staple, and combining complimentary colors like that navy blue and bright yellow says a cheery "hello" to the sun and good weather.

3. Floral Crop, South Africa

If your summer isn't as hot as you'd like, having a teddy or jacket might be helpful. It's technically winter in South Africa now, so you could see why you might need a coat there. But that cute top and skirt would work perfectly even if there's an abundance of sun.

4. Cute And Casual, Mexico

Influenced by a not-too-distant vintage look of the '80s and early '90s, I'm loving those cute shorts paired with the white shoes reminiscent of the Keds I used to wear as a kid. Knotting up a flannel to create the trending crop top look makes any shirt ready for summer.

5. High Heels And Shorts, Canada

Don't be afraid to dress up your denim shorts with high heels like this pair. And those sunnies are perfect with the army green jacket, which adds a comfortable and cozy feature to the dressy shoes.

6. Maxi Skirt, Moscow

Pastels are still on trend for summer, like these two colors brilliantly combined together. Light and refreshing, this breezy maxi with some pumped sneakers looks completely comfortable for a day walking around town.

7. Socks And Heels, Tokyo

Don't forget to add a little comfort (and cuteness) to your heels with a pair of socks. The striped socks this fashion blogger chose with her hat add a little sporty vibe to this casual and fun look.

8. Romper, India

I love this dainty romper with those shoes — which appear to be almost moccasin-like. Looks like this fashion blogger knows how to incorporate a pop of color into a mostly nude outfit with her very pink lips, too.

9. Denim Dress, Canary Islands

I love denim in the summer, and this piece looks super comfortable and casual. A plain dress like this is just asking to be accessorized with a fun and colorful necklace like the one pictured.

10. Graphic Top And Skirt, Brazil

Get in touch with your childlike and super girly side with a brightly colored circle skirt like this one paired with a cute top from your favorite cartoon and some funky sunglasses.

11. Mixed Print Dress, Australia

If you're feeling especially daring, it's always fun to mix prints, and if you find a dress like this one, it's already done for you. A dress like this would be great for a special party or semi-formal occasion. But you could always play it down with a pair of sneakers.

Images: mytravelingcloset, kleidermaedchen, meandyouclothing, lezulloa, tinuology, magiclooops, _babyanju_, fashionlovebytes, mydressermyself, blogdedonavitrine, vetu.de.joy/Instagram