T. Swift & Calvin Harris Have Their Best Date Yet

by Jaclyn Anglis

Well, Taylor Swift is the welcome ambassador for tourism in New York, so it seems fitting that she would want to show her boyfriend Calvin Harris all the hotspots in town! And it looks like the pop star is able to pick out the best date spots to share with the world-class DJ while he is visiting. On May 26, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had a romantic date night in downtown Manhattan.

According to E! News, the pair shared gluten-free pizza slices at L'Asso, a small Italian eatery in Nolita. They reportedly selected a booth in the back corner of the small and intimate restaurant, which holds about 15 tables. And it sounds like the two lovebirds rightly took advantage of the setting. A fellow diner said, "Before the food came they were holding hands and they were really engaged with each other. You can tell they were totally a couple and so into one another. They laughed and were talking throughout the night."

All in all, it sounds like it was a solid date night for Hollywood's hottest new couple, especially since pizza was involved. But some people might be wondering how this night out stacks up to their other public dates and outings as a couple so far.

Considering Swift and Harris have been more low key than other stars often are about their budding romance, there have only been a handful of times that the two have stepped out together publicly for dates or events. Hence why every time they do, they make headlines. And let's face it, their dates so far have been far from shabby.

For instance, take their night out at the Billboard Music Awards. Not only was that an exciting night for Swift, who took home an award, it was also an opportune moment for Swift and Harris to publicly kiss and embrace, all but confirming their relationship. Or what about when they were spotted holding hands before dining at Santa Monica's fancy restaurant Giorgio Baldi just days before the awards show? Or how about them having a concert date in Nashville back in March? It's pretty clear that the two are pulling out all the stops for one another, and it is honestly very sweet to see.

But their latest date night might be their best date yet. Why? Because now that their relationship has been confirmed, this appearance is not about coyly suggesting the two might be dating, as their earlier dates may have been. And it is not about making a big announcement to the world either, as was the Billboard Music Awards night. It seems to have just been a night of enjoying each other's company and taking a break from their crazy schedules. Also, again, pizza was involved, so you can't really beat that.