8 Ingeniously Updated Hanukkah Classics That'll Forever Change Your Holiday

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You know what’s great about a holiday that celebrates an oil-related miracle? Fried food, of course. And, luckily, that’s what Hanukkah fare is all about. Latkes are great, and so are donuts, of course, but with the Festival of Lights dragging on for eight long nights, the same old deep fried goodies can be a little one note. Here, we have schnitzel and sufganiyot like you’ve never seen before. Big on blintzes? How about curry blintzes? Or sous vide taco-seasoned brisket? We also have matzah ball pot pie. And bourbon-cured salmon. Because we love you. And we want you to be happy this Hanukkah. Keep reading for an updated Hanukkah dish for each of your eight crazy nights.

Image: Cooking for Keeps

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