15 Thoughts 'Girl On The Train'-Readers Have Had

by Julia Seales

So you finally gave in and read Paula Hawkins’ page-turner The Girl on the Train. (You're not alone — more than 2 million other people have, too.) You saw it everywhere, your friends all recommended it a hundred times, and now that you've finished the final page, your heart is beating fast. You’re completely on edge. Not to mention that you don't know what you'll possibly read next, because you didn't think you'd find a book that kept you guessing as much as Gone Girl, and then you did, and now it's already over.

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing thrillers to fill the void, Plus Girl on the Train is being adapted into a movie, so Hollywood’s got you covered, too.

But once you get beyond all that madness, you start to realize that The Girl on the Train is starting to mess with you. Your mind is racing with all these thoughts that, it seems, people who haven’t read the buzzed-about bestseller can’t seem to understand. Maybe you’re just being paranoid, but you suddenly feel as if the book is entirely TOO REAL. Well, you’re not alone, because every reader of the book is right there with you.

You Can't Help Making Up Stories About Strangers You Pass

Strangers? They're not strangers! They're a happy couple named Jason and Jess. You totally know them!

...But Also, You Kind of Want to Keep Your Own Blinds Closed case anyone's giving you a fake name and making up your whole backstory.

You Can’t Ride Any Public Transportation Without Looking Out The Windows… And Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen

There could be someone missing out there. There could be a Tom on the loose. There could even be a dementor. Whoops, wrong British bestseller. But seriously, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

You Have a Weird Desire to Visit Your Old Houses and Apartments

Who lives there now? Who lives next door? What secrets are your former neighbors concealing?

Suddenly, You Love the Sound of Trains Rolling Past on the Tracks

Something about the way Hawkins describes the trains rolling going by is so comforting, yet ominous at the same time. Time to set your sound-soother app to "train tracks."

You Have the Desire to Visit London

Then again, why use an app when you could hear the real thing? Imagine rereading The Girl on the Train while you're actually on a London-bound train. #SignMeUp

You Don’t Trust Your Own Memory At All Any Longer

There's no way you could have watched Netflix for THAT many hours last night, right? So where did all the time go? WHERE WERE YOU?

And You Also Don't Trust Your ex-SO. Or Current SO. Or Anyone, Really

Is everyone hiding something?? You don't know because YOU MIGHT NOT REMEMBER.

You Second Guess Consuming That Gin & Tonic. Or That Glass of Wine.

Right before you take a sip of Merlot, all you can picture is Rachel trying to figure out what she saw from the underpass, and suddenly you just want a sandwich instead. Or mac & cheese. Or any comfort food, really.

You Wonder if your Roommate Really Goes to Work Every Day, Or If She is Having Other Adventures Without You Knowing

Does she really work at that marketing place, or is it all an elaborate story?

You're Tempted to Check Everyone's Email and Look Through Their Bags For Extra Phones

Seriously, is everyone hiding something?

You Wish You Could Have a Session With Kamal Abdic To Talk All This Through

His voice just sounds as though it would be so comforting, and you really really need to talk about everything.

Even Though You're Exhausted from Staying Up All Night to Finish the Book, You Can't Sleep

You just can't stop thinking about all the twists. ~What a ride~

You Start Making Lists of Other Thrillers To Read

It's the only way to get other this book hangover. That, and recommending The Girl on the Train to everyone you know.

You Can't Wait to See the Movie

So, when's the premiere going to be?

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