J-Law doesn't give a shit. She didn't give a shit when people speculated on her weight, or when she had to pee during a Rolling Stones interview and just went for it in the bushes, or when she met Jeff Bridges and was cool as a cucumber. OK, that last one was a lie, she FREAKED OUT when she met "The Dude" in person, but really, can we blame her? The point is, the gal is pretty chill most of the time. That's why it didn't surprise us that Jennifer Lawrence may have lost her Oscar, and doesn't seem all that worried.

She told The Sun:

"I don't know where it is. I think it might be in Kentucky. If not, it's gone. I don't have it."

Remember when Lawrence said she had given the Best Actress Oscar she won for Silver Linings Playbook to her parents for safe keeping in Kentucky (because she's way too humble to display it in her home)? Well it sounds as if she's not so sure they're keeping a watchful eye on what is many actor's most prized possession. Or maybe she just has other things to worry about, like being Hollywood's coolest young actress, than to properly field silly questions about the location of her golden statue.

Image: Tumblr