16 Alcohol Gifts Because How Else Do We Get Through the Holidays

UGHHHHHGAHHHHHH! That's the sound of me trying to decide what to give my friends for the holidays this year. But then it hit me! What does pretty much everyone in my age group love (hint: I'm 24)? Alcohol, of course.

While these might not be appropriate presents for the boss (or for babies, or for anyone who doesn't like to wet their whistle occasionally), why not help your friends class up their weekend cocktail or...er...nightly Solo Cup of Franzia? Here are 16 boozy presents, with prices ranging from "casual acquaintance" to "I got your back" to "FRIEND FOR LIFE OR ELSE."

Inside Out Champagne Glasses

These glasses give the illusion of traditional champagne flutes, but break less easily if it’s one of those nights.

Inside Out Champagne Glasses, $15, Amazon

Agate Coasters

Stone coasters for your organic-wine-drinking best friend (who does yoga with her dog).

Gold Trim Agate Coasters, $35, Amazon

Ultimate Bar Book

For the guy who always orders Jägermeister shots: the Ultimate Bar Book, to, you know, shake things up a little.

Ultimate Bar Book, $12, Amazon

Wooden Martini Glasses

Modern and minimal martini glasses make any concoction look pro-status.

WUD Martini Glass, $60, Amazon

Horseshoe Bottle Stopper

Give your pals a good luck charm that also protects their leftover booze.

Horseshoe Bottle Stopper, $19, Amazon

Animal Shot Glasses

Flip over these little pewter animal sculptures and you’ve got yourself a standard shot glass.

Animal Shot Glasses, $20, Amazon

Rainbow Tumblers

From my personal wish list (HINT): tumblers than transform any drink into a rainbow. I hear they’re especially fun to look at after a few rounds.

Rainbow Tumblers, $56, Amazon

Brew-Your-Own-Beer Kit

Is someone on your list ready to make the transition from drinking booze to making her own? Northern Brewer offers make-your-own kits for creating beer, wine, mead, and cider.

One Gallon Small Batch Starter Kit, $60, Amazon

Geometric Bottle Opener

This secret bottle opener doubles as a geometric necklace pendant.

Crest 1 Bottle Opener, $60, Need Supply Co.

Tentacle Corkscrew

This whimsical (and sort of scary) wine opener is part of a collaboration between Bronx-based artist Paul Gargano and Anthropologie.

Pelagic Bar Utensil, $120, Perry Gargano

Whiskey Of the Month Club

So it turns out ordering alcohol online is a little tricky (you know, laws), so why not sign up your booze-lover for a whiskey of the month club like those offered by Taster’s Club and let them take care of it?

Bourbon of the Month Club, $69/month, Taster’s Club

Baileys Gift Set

For anyone who likes to get their drink on with their sugar buzz.

Baileys Gift Set, $30, Arlington Wine

Wine Ice Cream

Another one for the sweet tooths: kill two birds with one stone by CONSUMING ICE CREAM AND WINE SIMULTANEOUSLY (but don’t leave this one under the tree).

Wine Ice Cream, $8, Mercer’s

Key Corkscrew

For the Game of Thrones fan: a secret corkscrew hidden inside an ornate, vintage-looking key.

Bremen Silver Key Corkscrew, $83, Corkscrews Online

Neige Wine

Wine that needs no wrapping paper (and tastes pretty great).

Neige Récolte D’Hiver, $50, La Face Cachee

Personalized Flask

Nothing says “I love you…and also let’s get drunk” like a tasteful, personalized flask. Cheers!

Stainless Steel Engraved Flask, $19, Etsy