We Found Your Favorite Halloween Cocktail

This week on SNL, Edward Norton drinks a candy corn mojito to toast Halloween. But because candy corn cocktails sound about as appetizing as the homemade trail mix doled out by health-conscious families and wheat germ dispensaries, here’s a fairly lethal cocktail we recommend instead. Incidentally, this was definitely the cider drink Chumbawamba sang about.

A variation of the Royale, we call this drink the "Bitten Apple" because it's heavy on the citrusy apple flavor with a slight bite. We used the traditional Calvados, an apple brandy, but Applejack works too. It'll take you two minutes to whip this up in honor of the pagan holiday — not that you need Halloween as an excuse to drink anyway.

Recipe: Bitten Apple


3 oz Hard Apple Cider (buy the bottle because it’s great on its own)

½ ounce apple brandy (Calvados)

1 sugar cube

4 dashes of Angostura bitters


  1. Drop a cube of sugar into the flute. (It doesn't really need the extra sweetness, but the sugar makes the bubbles go crazy town.)

2. Shake four dashes of Angostura into the glass.

3. Measure 1/2 oz. of Calvados Brandy in a jigger and pour that in.

4. Fill the flute to the rim with hard cider.

5. Done!