Andrew Garfield Is Morphing Into Harry Styles

I don't know about you, but I let out a massive sigh of relief when one of my favorite Hollywood couples, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, seemed to be getting back together after they were spotted doing very couple-y things like grocery shopping and eating pancakes. Garfield is back in Los Angeles after shooting a very demanding role in the Martin Scorsese film, Silence, which may have been the reason behind their rumored breakup. They both recently stepped out for what seemed to be a sweet lunch date and one thing could not go unnoticed: Andrew Garfield's new hairdo channels a certain boy band member... a lot. His voluminous locks have many fans making comparisons to Harry Styles and his signature shoulder-length hair — even the color is nearly identical!

The similarities don't end there. Soon after the debut of the bouncy 'do, Garfield was spotted with a man bun. Ah, yes, the ever-present man bun that has taken Hollywood babes — Styles included — by storm, and I have not one complaint about this trend. Maybe Stone is an undercover Directioner and Garfield is doing whatever he can to win back her heart.

If that is the case (which it probably isn't, but let me humor myself), I came up with some sure-fire steps that Andrew Garfield must take to fully capture the essence of the one and only, Harry Styles.

Step #1: Start picking out his selection of headbands

Garfield has never really rocked longer hair before, so he will need some help keeping it out of his eyes. Styles' headscarfs are one of his signature looks. They'll also help bring out the actor's inner Jimi Hendrix.

Step #2: Dust off his patterned tops

The 1D singer is often seen rocking wildly printed tops. Garfield has a more preppy and basic style, so he could definitely lurk into Emma's closet for this one.

Step #3: Start a mysterious Instagram

Andrew Garfield is a ~deep~ and intelligent artiste and as far as I know, he doesn't have any social media platforms where he shares his talents (or pictures of him and Emma and cute animals). At this point, I will take anything. Styles, of course, is the king of elusive Instagramming and could give Garfield some tips on how to curate his persona on the Internet.

Step #4: Keep practicing his guitar skills

Styles dabbles in playing the guitar and songwriting with One Direction, so the Amazing Spider-Man himself can definitely learn a thing or two to put together a song for Emma, because every girl wants to be serenaded.

Step #5: Form a boy band with his friends

Andrew Garfield counts Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan, and Tom Sturridge as some of his closest friends in the business. Each of them have dabbled in music at some point, so even if they're not good, can you imagine them all on stage together?

OK, Andrew. Go forth and Styles it up!

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