Who Is Travis Garland? Aubrey O'Day's Musician Boyfriend Joins Her On 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Since the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp is yet another reality star installment, everyone in the cast is already a "celebrity," like the Situation (from Jersey Shore) and Kendra Wilkinson (from Girls Next Door). So who is Travis Garland, one of the new stars of Marriage Boot Camp ? Like his girlfriend, Aubrey O'Day of Making the Band , Garland has been on reality TV before (American Idol), so this may not be the first time he's introduced to those of us who love watching vaguely famous people yell at their significant others and hopefully, ultimately work through their problems (Marriage Boot Camp does kinda work, if you look at how many couples are still together after appearing on it). O'Day and Garland have decided to take their relationship to that level.

O'Day, formerly of Danity Kane, is currently in a new group called Dumblonde with Shannon Bex, one of her ex-bandmates. Similarly, Garland is also in the music business, as a singer and former member of a group — just like Aubrey. According to WE, the couple's similarities are part of the problem, and even prompted Aubrey to move out of their shared home. Sounds like things are pretty strained between them, but Garland is an interesting guy all on his own, so even if their relationship doesn't last, that doesn't mean he won't gain some new fans when Marriage Boot Camp returns on Friday night.

We Haven't Heard Any New Original Music In A While

TravisGarlandVEVO on YouTube

In 2014, Garland released his first self-titled album, including "Clouds" (above), but he hasn't released any more original songs since summer of last year.

He Does Covers That Double As Mashups

Travis Garland on YouTube

Like a lot of artists in the Youtube age, the 25-year-old singer posts a ton of videos of his performances, including a series where he covers two popular songs at the same time. The Beyoncé/Justin Timberlake combo above works particularly well because his voice kind of sounds like a mix between the two artists.

His Boy Band Had A Glee Star

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kevin McHale, who played Artie on Glee, was one of Garland's fellow boy band members in a short-lived group called NLT, as summarized by Entertainment Weekly. And I think both of these guys would be very embarrassed by their style choices in this gem of a picture. Boy bands are a gift to anyone who loves ridiculous things. Oh, and NLT's songs are still online as well, if you want to really cringe about the music that was only vaguely embarrassing in 2009.

His American Idol Performance Was Orchestrated By Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton on YouTube

Garland's big break came on reality TV, post NLT, with, as EW says, "the support of the world's biggest gossip blogger turned music mogul, Perez Hilton, who brought Garland to the attention of Idol producer Simon Fuller." That gave him the boost he needed back in 2010.

You Can See Him Live

Travis Garland on YouTube

Garland posted this raw footage of a rehearsal for a live performance on Youtube, and even though it's clearly practice, his voice sounds good — definitely not a guy who's only good through headphones. He's not on tour right now, but you can see him performing this summer if you live close to Walnut Park, Calif.

He Doesn't Need A Studio To Sound Good

His riffs on a Bach exhibit in the Instagram video above prove his voice is crystal clear even without the benefit of a studio mic.

He Loves Cryptic Instagram Quotes

Oh yes, he loves these, and whether they're about creative collaborations or his relationship with Aubrey, I bet every time one is posted he gets a flood of texts saying "u ok???" Maybe that type of passive-aggressive behavior will come up while Travis and Aubrey are in Marriage Boot Camp... because while Garland and O'Day have a lot of similar musical history to share, they don't really seem like they're focusing on marriage just yet.

Image: Getty Images