Paul McCartney On 'Friends'? It Almost Happened, But Alas, We'll Just Have To Imagine The Magic

Whoa. Talk about some crazy and unexpected casting news. Did you know that former Beatles singer Paul McCartney almost guest starred on Friends ? While chatting with the Huffington Post, Friends casting director Leslie Litt revealed the beloved comedy hoped to snag McCartney for a very important role — as Emily's father, Stephen Waltham (he ended up being played by Tim Conti). Say what? You're telling me that Ross and the gang could've bonded with Paul McCartney onscreen?

Litt said, "I went through his manager and gave him all the details. One day, someone in the office brought me a faxed letter written to me by Paul himself! He thanked me for my interest and said how flattered he was, but it was a very busy time for him."

Who else wishes they could've seen McCartney on Friends? I have a feeling he and Ross Geller would've shared some very special moments while he tried to get Jack and Judy Geller to pay for his wine cellar. Plus, who doesn't want to see McCartney portraying a drunk man giving wedding guests tours of his cellar? That would've made Ross saying Rachel instead of Emily at his wedding so much less of a blow.

Obviously, McCartney wouldn't have played himself, but how do you think the Friends characters would have reacted being around the very famous Paul McCartney?

Well, let's see.

Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe would be over the moon, because she'd get to duet with Paul. Who wouldn't buy that single?

Chandler Bing

In typical Chandler fashion, he'd be so nervous that he'd make a joke as a defense mechanism.

Rachel Green

Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme? The same thing would probably happen between Rachel and Paul. Let's hope Monica doesn't have a thing for Paul, too, or Rachel and Monica would end up in another sweater-pulling, sauce-in-purse fight.

Monica Geller

Like Rachel, Monica would also try to hit on Paul, but it would go something like that time she tried to flirt with Chandler.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey would say to Paul "I'm an actor" and would try super hard to somehow get a movie gig with the British talent or even a role in Paul's next music video.

Ross Geller

Of course, Ross would ask Paul if he liked his "sound."

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