Zoe Kravitz Swaps Fierce Braids For A Soft Bob

In a classic Instagram #TransformationTuesday, Zoe Kravitz debuted a short bob that was absolutely adorable and perfect for summer. Vogue shared the image, revealing how Kravitz's signature back-length braids are a thing of the past. Given how heavy those beautiful braids must have been, who can blame the girl?

Kravitz has been on fire lately, booking a recurring role in Californication and costarring in Divergent, and maybe her hair was finally starting to feel the heat. She returned from France with the sweet bob, but the cut itself is anything but stiffly Parisian chic. Her long black braids transformed into honey gold, sun-kissed waves that just barely graze her jawline. I don't know Kravitz's summer vacation plans, but she definitely has the perfect unfussy, humidity-adaptable cut that needs only a little texturizing spray and finger tousling before a night out.

While Kravitz's transformation is definitely dramatic, she's actually a late-comer to this whole bob trend thing that's taking over. J. Lo just cut her hair into a long, shoulder-length golden bob, and Jessica Alba did the same thing not long before that. Oh, and who could forget Beyonce's bob from earlier this year? Seriously, which celeb will be next on the list?

If Kravitz has got you feeling inspired to take the intense and glorious plunge into short hair, I say totally go for it, but definitely emotionally prepare yourself for a bob first. And if you're a little nervous to embrace scissors, check out these easy ways to fake a bob and get a feel for the cut.

Image Credit: Zoe Kravitz/Instagram