'Bones' 6 Creepiest Murders Will Remind You How Much We Need Booth & Brennan

Are you in the mood to relive some of the most chilling episodes of Bones now that you're just getting over the death of a beloved member of the Bones squad from the beginning of Season 10? Well, you're in luck, because Bones specializes in creepy murders. Not all murders are created equal on the show, since often the killers didn't mean to kill someone or weren't actually mega-bad people. But then there are some brutal murderers on the show who make up for the otherwise kind "guilty" people, like the carnival employees who buried the Siamese twins.

If you're really looking to relive some of the most terrifying murders on Bones, start with re-watching all of the serial killer episodes. Like Gormogon: The Never Ending Killer. Thanks to the serial killers that seemed to never go away, and a few other one-time killers, it's not that difficult to make up a list of the creepiest murders on Bones. Not only will these murders give you chills, but they might even make it difficult to sleep at night.

If you're feeling bold, go ahead and gear up your Netflix queue for the following Bones episodes, because no one said it has to be Halloween to be terrified of the dark, right?

6. The Ghost Killer's Murders

Creep Factor: 6/10

Why?: The only reason Stephanie McNamara's murders aren't higher on my Official Creep Factor Scale is because she was dead before we really had time to fear her. What was creepy was the fact that she was responsible for a handful of deaths over a long period of time. And no one knew. No one.

5. The Witch's Ghost In "The Headless Witch In The Woods"

Creep Factor: 6/10

Why?: What even was this? This episode was kind of terrifying (read: really terrifying) because it leaves us under the impression that the ghost of a witch really was behind the beheadings all along. And I can't jive with that. This isn't summer camp when you would try to conjure up some ghost camper.

4. Howard Epps' Murders

Creep Factor: 7/10

Why?: Epps was creepy because he was all mental. He tied up his victims and buried them face down. And then, when you thought he was in jail and away from society, he has an accomplice (Gil Lappin) who killed a ton of people on his behalf. It was all a game for Howard Epps.

3. Everything About The Gravedigger/ Heather Taffet

Creep Factor: 8/10

Why?: Why are Heather Taffet's killings so creepy? Because she buried people alive, that's why. Plus, she almost got Brennan. And Hodgins. WE ALMOST LOST HODGINS, YOU GUYS. Heather Taffet, unfortunately, was a State Attorney, which makes her really intelligent (creepy) and almost caused her to gain her freedom when she represented herself in court.

2. All Of The Gormogon Killings (Aka All Of The Gormogons)

Creep Factor: 9/10

Why?: How much time do you have? One, Gormogon is a terrifying name. Two, Gormogon is a serial killer with sharpened teeth. Three, those teeth are sharp because HE IS A CANNIBAL. Four, (yes, I can keep going) there are many Gormogons. One of them was almost Zack Addy. Five, Old Man Arthur Graves was Gormogon... his last name was Graves. How did we not see it?

1. Any Episode With Christopher Pelant

Creep Factor: Off the charts

Why?: Pelant was so friggin' smart, it made his murders so much more terrifying than the normal killer. THE GUY EMBEDDED A VIRUS ONTO A BONE. How does that even work? Not to mention that he was so sneaky and almost got away with everything. This guy was terrifying, and his murders were even more terrifying.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; Giphy (6)