'Bones' Season 10 Recap Will Catch You Up On Everyone We Gained & Lost Before Hiatus

After what feels like the longest hiatus ever, Bones is back to complete Season 10. Finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief. The first half of Season 10 was eventful, to say the least. People died — crying, still — secrets were revealed, and old faces returned. Usually, I hate when shows that I've become very comfortable with change things up (I like things the way I like them, OK?), but I actually liked most of the changes that Bones saw in the first half of the season, and from the sounds of spoilers coming up in the back half, the show is only going to keep changing. But before we get into where Bones is going, we have to remember where it's been.

Like I said, Bones has gone through a Hell of a lot of changes this season — some with severe consequences. Was I happy with all of those changes? Uh, NO! The loss of one of the main characters was not only unexpected, but felt like a bad omen for others. But before we get ahead on the future of the show, let's recap what happened on the first half of the season before the hiatus. Spoilers for the first half of Season 10 ahead.

1. Uh... Lance DIES

Oh, how it pains me. Sweets' murder was 1) out of nowhere, 2) unfair, 3) cry-worthy, and 4) TRAGIC. It was definitely the biggest blow to the main cast that the show has seen since the beginning (Zach's removal was pretty big too, but not Sweets big). In case you forgot, Sweets was killed by Emory, on Durant's order.

2. There's A New Guy

His name is James Aubrey, and he basically replaced Sweets, and it wasn't OK. He's a good guy, although people were skeptical of him in the beginning — including me, but hey, that's what happens when you join during a conspiracy. Still, Aubrey's a chill guy. He had a tough childhood growing up (his dad left him and his mom broke), but he rose to be a very well respected agent in the FBI over the first half of the season.

3. The Conspiracy Reveal

FINALLY. This conspiracy was starting to get confusing — so confusing, I'm not sure I even understand it now. Basically, the conspiracy spiraled back all the way to J. Edgar Hoover files and John F. Kennedy recordings. The man behind all of it was Glenn Durant, the ER doctor who claimed to be one of the men being blackmailed in the conspiracy.

4. Wendell Returned

Wendell was fired from the Jeffersonian after it was revealed he smokes pot to deal with his cancer in Season 9. He was granted an appeal and was allowed to work with the Jeffersonian as long as he didn't come in direct contact with evidence. In Season 10, Wendell returned to his normal duties as an intern and he could be all touchy feely with that evidence, because who doesn't want to touch all that weird gunk all over the bones they find?

5. Daisy Gives Birth

As sad as Sweets' death was, it was even more heartbreaking knowing he left behind Daisy and his unborn son. During the first half of the season, Daisy gives birth to her and Sweets' son, Seeley Lance Sweets. Ugh. Too emotional. Let's hope the second half of Bones Season 10 goes a little easier on us.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; Giphy (5)