Beyonce's Yellow Bra Is A Sexy Feminist Statement

Anyone else remember the middle school tragedies of their thongs sticking out from those seriously low-rise jeans? Well, leave it to Beyonce and her neon yellow bra under a powersuit of the same color to turn embarrassment into empowerment, as Styleite reports. Whether it makes you smile or scoff, Queen Bey's confidence in intentionally and blatantly exposed lingerie is inspiring.

She was spotted in the bright yellow bra with lace and a little black bow (I now feel awkward for staring at her boobs this long), in Manhattan this week with her hubby. While the world already saw Beyonce's incredible shape in her sheer dress at the MET Gala this year, her yellow bra ensemble makes a bigger statement than just fashion, as it challenges gender modesty norms. She gracefully proves the notion of needing to leave something to the imagination to be sexy and classy is actually totally false.

Growing up in a cultural atmosphere where I was taught to hide my bra straps for risk of looking too risqué, Beyonce's outfit choice is a refreshing reminder that, helllllooooo, it's okay to be a woman that has curves and wears beautiful lingerie. Heck, for the price I'm willing to bet she spent on that yellow bra, I'd probably want the world to see, too!

Beyonce's outfit is a solid reminder that feminism comes in all shapes and forms, even with lace and little black bows. So take note from Beyonce and start showing off your straps!