Kendall & Kylie Jenner Are Allegedly Designing Their Own Fashion Line, According To Some Mysterious Instagram Posts

Breaking news: Two of our favorite Jenners are making headlines again. E! revealed Kylie and Kendall Jenner are designing their own fashion line —maybe. Here's what we know...

The painfully famous duo launched a new Instagram page (and Twitter) called “Kendall + Kylie." On the accounts, the gals started posting sketches of them rocking super glamorous gowns. Additionally, they shared a pic holding up sketch sheets that seem to feature pants, gowns, dresses, tops, and additional accessories. #DecisionsDecisions adds to the whole mystery of what they’re up to.

Although Kendall and Kylie seem to be teasing us with a new line, it’s also totally possible they’re just finalizing new pieces with PacSun. The Jenners’ summer collection for the brand is totally boho chic, with lots of coordinating pieces and faded patterns. But would PacSun carry fiercely chic gowns like the ones in their sketches? I think not.

Regardless of your personal opinions about Kendall and Kylie, the two know how to hustle and make things happen and you have to admire their creative drive. The sketches and design sheets look totally intriguing, and I fully confess that I will be keeping an eye on their next stylish endeavor.

Image Credits: Kendall and Kylie/Instagram