15 Cool Star Tattoo Designs That'll Have You Looking At This Classic Ink In A Whole New Way

There are unique and personal tattoo ideas, and then there are cliche tattoo ideas that can be spotted on seemingly every other person with some ink on their bodies. There are a lot of different popular tattoos out there, but one of the most popular has to be the star tattoo design. It's not that a star tattoo can't be striking and awesome, it's just that it's normally done the same way: a little black star on someone's wrist, a spattering of tiny stars on someone's foot, or maybe something a little bit more elaborate on an ankle.

There's nothing inherently wrong with these tattoo ideas — hey, it's your body, do whatever you want it's just that tattoos get a lot more interesting when there is something a little bit different about them. It may not seem possible to make a star tattoo seem unique, fun, and totally your own (especially after living through the early 2000's emo days, when every other pop-punk fan out there sported one), but it is. Don't believe me? Check out the below examples.

These 15 star tattoos are proof that these little celestial bodies have the potential to look pretty awesome on your skin. Whether you're choosing to go the more subtle route with a small tat or more bold with something extravagant, there's something for everyone — I guarantee they'll change your mind about star tattoos.

1. A small star on your ear

Look at this quickly, and it looks like a little stud earring — and that's part of it's charm.

2. Tiny stars behind your ear

This a super subtle tattoo that will only be seen by others if you want it to be seen by others. So mysterious!

3. Different shaped stars going down your forearm

There's nothing new about stars on your forearm, but what makes these stand out is their different, pretty shapes.

4. An elephant star tattoo

Sure, the stars aren't the main focus here, but they certainly make this adorable elephant tattoo that much cooler.

5. Tiny stars on the back of your neck

These tiny stars are super, super simple, but look so pretty when you pull your hair up to show them off. Their simplicity is part of their charm.

6. Stars with a moon

A star and a moon isn't that exciting, but for some reason, this pretty upper back tattoo just really works.

7. A small star outline on your clavicle

Tiny tattoos near your collar bone are always delicate and sweet. This one stands out without being over-the-top.

8. A thin star bracelet

This permanent bracelet works because of how tiny and thin it is.

9. A constellation along your collar bone

This is a Scorpio tattoo, so it has a little bit of meaning behind it, and it looks awesome.

10. Small stars on your finger

This tattoo stands out without being too in-your-face. It also happens to make for a terrific manicure photo.

11. A geometric star tat on your shoulder

This is probably the most unique idea of the whole bunch - at first glance, it almost looks like a soccer ball, but when you look closer, you can see it's a little more complex than that.

12. Giant stars going down your legs

This is definitely not a tattoo idea for someone who wants to play it safe, but if you're looking for something big... this works.

13. Constellations all over your back

Make your back a smaller version of the night sky with a bunch of different constellations made up of all kinds of stars.

14. Stars and a moon

This is a larger version of one of the examples above, and it shows that it looks just as awesome whether you go big or small.

15. A line of stars going down your upper back

The different shapes of the stars and the fact that some are just outlines while others are colored in is part of what makes this tattoo so cool.