An IPhone Fell Into The Sea & Recorded Everything

Gregory Papadin is one lucky iPhone user. While on vacation in Menorca, a small island off the east coast of Spain, Papadin accidentally dropped his iPhone 5 into the water. Don't cringe just yet, though — his phone's camera captured the entire journey down below, and it has lived to tell the tale (in a surprisingly high-quality video) of what happens when you drop your iPhone into the sea.

The video starts with Papadin and his handy sidekick on what looks like a chartered boat just off the coast. He then intentionally jumps into the water with his phone, reportedly to take pictures of his brother who is diving nearby. His brother might not have gotten the epic Instagram picture he wanted, but Papadin ended up with a YouTube video that has raked in more than 700,000 views in just a matter of days.

In this battle between iPhone and nature, Apple (and LifeProof, which made the waterproof case that was on Papadin's phone) wins big time. LifeProof has since reached out to Papadin (via a comment on the YouTube video) to ask for permission to use the video. See what happens for yourself, but don't try this at home! Side note: This video may contain disturbing images for those of us who have an emotional attachment to our phones.

OK, is it just me or does this guy look a little bit like Benedict Cumberbatch from this angle? Surely, Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have been so risky with his phone.

And there he goes, jumping off the boat with his phone, completely unaware of the drama that will follow. Do you think he wishes he wore a GoPro at this point?

He holds on to his phone for a little bit, bobbing in and out of the water as his brother prepares to jump. All of a sudden, the picture starts spinning and these alarming bubbles fill the screen. Apparently, he's reached the point of no return.

The phone starts falling further and further away from him. I'd like to think those bubbles are a result of him yelling, "Noooooooo!" as he watches his iPhone fall to the bottom of the sea. Someone from the group tries to swim down to grab it, but the situation is too far gone... for now.

Papadin said in the YouTube comments he didn't know how deep the water was, but he's definitely lucky it wasn't any deeper than this. He's also lucky it was pretty clear water — who knows if we ever would have found the phone in the Hudson River.

Nope, that's not a National Geographic image; it's just your average iPhone footage from the bottom of the sea. Clearly, the fish could care less about the situation unfolding around them.

The phone lays at the sea's floor for a little while as a fitting song plays in the background of the video. Finally, the ship's captain dives in and saves the day. (Not to mention, he makes it look super easy.) I hope he added lifesaver to his LinkedIn profile shortly thereafter.

So maybe he doesn't always look like Benedict Cumberbatch, but Papadin's face when he gets the phone back is priceless. Reunited and it feels so good.

Nothing says "living life on the edge" like diving into a foreign sea with your iPhone 5. Papadin just gave you 700,000 reasons to buy a LifeProof case of your own and throw your most-valued tech overboard. Just make sure there's someone willing to dive down and grab it for you. Watch the full video here:

Images: Gregory Papadin/YouTube (9)