"Live From Snack Time!" Instagram Chronicles The Hilarious And Dark Thoughts Of Kindergarteners — PHOTOS

We've been so wrapped up lately in the honesty of Grumpy Cat and her fellow angry cat brethren that we have forgotten the original blunt over-sharers: Kindergarteners. Thankfully, the "Live From Snack Time!" Instagram is here to save us all from our humor sins, sharing some of the wildest (and often most #real) quotes of kindergarteners living in New York City. If you thought you said something embarrassing when you were drunk at a co-worker's pool party last week, you have the internet's permission to officially lay all your fears to rest. These kindergarteners will put whatever weird thing you let slip to shame.

I have to attest to the weirdness of the thing that fall out of their adorable little mouths. I worked in a daycare that went up to kindergarten in college, and honestly, I was not a huge fan of it—save the hilarious things that came out of their mouths. On my first day I heard one of them whispering, "Why is Miss Emma wearing pajamas to school?" because my blouse was pinstriped, and later I overheard the same kid saying, "You get what you get and you get what you get." Sage wisdom, from a kid who thinks I buy pajamas from Anne Taylor Loft.

I wish I'd had the forethought to collect the rest of the weird things I overheard on the playground, but really, no matter what I'd written down, it wouldn't be nearly as great as this Instagram. Here are the things the kindergarteners of this world actually care about:

Liberty and justice for all (cafeterias)

The accuracy of fairy tales

Keeping the spot light

Making their great escape

~Grown Up~ television viewing


Sick days

Getting toddler turnt

The cold dark truth

These kindergarteners are wiser than I will ever hope to be.