Will 'Aquarius' Have A Season 2? This NBC Show Needs Some Seriously Enthusiastic Fan Support To Survive

Guys, I'm going to give it to you straight: I'm worried about NBC's Aquarius getting a Season 2. I know, it's probably too early to be worried about a show that premieres May 28, but what can I say? I love David Duchovny, and it features The Originals' Claire Holt as Officer Charman Tully (a fancy name for a fancy lady). These two are enough for me to get behind a show, and I want them to be successful — and on my TV screen at all times. [Update: NBC has announced Aquarius has been renewed for a second season.]

But, even beyond my Originals love, Aquarius looks like a solid watch. It's a retro-police investigation thriller with great leads (as I may have mentioned), and it's a fresh take on the crime scene procedural. Duchovny leads the pack as a World War II vet (yes, I am praying to NBC that it has flashbacks and shows this man in uniform), who is investigating the disappearance of a missing teen. He ends up getting mixed up in the 1960s counter culture and tangled up in the Manson family murders.

Sounds great, right? Ready to dive into Season 1 and then anxiously wait for Season 2? Well, the way things are looking for this new show, that might be a bit of an issue. While it is still far too early to tell if more episodes will be ordered, Aquarius Season 2 looks like a long shot, and will need a great fan response to keep it alive.

There are two main points for real concern here. The first is how the show is being talked about. NBC is referring to it as a “series” not "Season 1." This implies that it is a short lived, limited-time-only show — not something to run for years. Of course, if it does well, maybe it could be brought back for a second series, or extended into a larger first season. But, the terminology doesn't bode well for more murder, madness, and Manson.

The second thing that has me worried is something that (at least on the surface) could seem like a good thing: After the first two episodes air (back to back, no less), NBC is releasing all the episodes at once online for fans to gobble up. Sure, maybe this could be the network adapting to the streaming age and trying to make its content more accessible, but NBC has never really done this with its hit shows.

On the bright side, if Aquarius does end up cancelled, that frees Claire Holt to return to The Originals and David Duchovny to make more X-Files mini-series. It's not ideal, but I'll take what I can get. But, if you like the show, make sure to tell people on social media. A little positive buzz can only help Aquarius' chance for renewal.

Images: Vivian Zink/NBC (2)