The 10 Sexiest Names In The World

Sometimes it seems like the weirdest factors go into attractiveness; facial symmetry, the side you part your hair on, and even your name can all affect who wants to get busy with you. You'd think that the most attractive names in the world would be of the exotic variety, especially since research has shown that people can't seem to resist unconventional names, but as it turns out, having a sexy name doesn't necessarily translate to getting dates (although it certainly can't hurt). According to the Independent, dating app Happn gathered data on users in three cities across the globe, and the results show that people have surprisingly ordinary taste. Common names like Amanda and Michael are the most sought-after in New York City, according to Happn, and similarly ordinary names are popular in other cities as well. In Barcelona, people named Marc and Laura are most likely to get a date, and in Paris, Louis and Marie are the most popular. In case you're wondering, there technically isn't any word on whether the latter is the result of everyone in Paris being a One Direction fan, but I have my suspicions.

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But enough talk. As reported by the Independent, these are the most attractive names in the world, starting with the good ole US of A:

New York


1. Michael

2. Matt

3. Ben

4. Jason

5. Simon


1. Amanda

2. Nicole

3. Jessica

4. Alexandra

5. Katie



1. Louis

2. Adrien

3. Julien

4. Vincent

5. Alexandre


1. Marie

2. Camille

3. Sarah

4. Charlotte

5. Pauline



1. Marc

2. David

3. Jordi

4. Albert

5. Alex


1. Laura

2. Marta

3. Cristina

4. Anna

5. Andrea

If your love life is a barren wasteland (welcome to the club), should you use this list as the basis for legally changing your name to get a date? Probably not. But if your name is Marie and you're itching to get out of town anyway, this might be the sign you've been waiting for. Just don't have a baby with a man named Louis — the result might be too attractive for the world to handle.

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