Buffalo Exchange Is Now Online!

by Emily Kirkpatrick

If you're a serious thrift store bargain buyer, then you've undoubtedly heard of, or experienced first hand, the wonder that is Buffalo Exchange, where you can not only buy great second-hand pieces on the cheap, but also make a few extra bucks by selling those pieces you no longer wear. If you're in agony right now after hearing that description because you know without a doubt your town is lacking one of these fine purveyors, fear not — this month Buffalo Exchange is launching an online boutique called The Vintage Buffalo.

The Vintage Buffalo features all the best the store has to offer, but accessible at the click of a mouse! The site will predominately feature a curated selection of vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home decor culled from the forties through the seventies. The style of the current collection up on the e-commerce site is mostly western, southwestern, and world culture pieces, but the company is looking to expand their offerings in the near future.

While a number of the pieces are super unique and rare, Buffalo Exchange has worked hard to make sure that everything still comes in at a relatively affordable price point, so we can all have access to really good fashion. The site may have just launched, but the offerings are already pretty impressive. Just make sure to head over there fast before it's all snapped up!