#FashionForAll By SmartGlamour Is So Body Pos

by Christie Drozdowski

All Bodies Are Good Bodies is the mantra coming out of SmartGlamour's #FashionForAll campaign. The N.Y.C.-based brand's mission is to make affordable and fashionable clothing for all women. Their sizes range from XXS-6X, which in and of itself is a major props-point for any clothing line. Typically, there are straight-size-focused retailers or designers, and then there are the plus-size ones. So for one clothing line to produce fashions for literally every size is quite the statement in size inclusivity, and one that doesn't marginalize any type of woman on the basis of her body.

Out of all the recent body positive campaigns we're seeing in the fashion world, the message never gets old (and honestly, we need so many more people and companies to be doing this). To see a retailer taking ownership of the way it is portraying women does wonders for movements in size acceptance. In a press release for #FashionForAll, SmartGlamour stated:

We believe that women's negative self image stems from two huge reasons (among many others): one being the misrepresentation of women in the media and two being the struggle to find clothes that fit properly that are within our reach.

#AllBodiesAreGoodBodies can be seen in the following promo video, too:

SmartGlamour uses not just a variety of women to model its clothing, but also a combination of women who have modeling experience and women who have none at all. To make matters even better, they don't edit or Photoshop their models to make them appear a certain way in the outfits. You can check out their Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook to see how these women — these beautifully unique women — model the line with their own individual pizzazz and personality.

The company's new campaign is something I, for one, can get behind. Women everywhere want to know that they are beautiful. They want to be accepted for the particular type of beauty they possess, instead of being streamlined into only a handful of acceptable "types." Campaigns like #FashionForAll #AllBodiesAreGoodBodies are going to be the things that change people's minds about their own body images.

When we come together in force against what we're "supposed" to look like, there won't be much room left for anything else. This is still going to take a lot of time and effort as changing social stigmas is not something that can happen overnight, but as more and more body positive designers see what they have the power to achieve, we're undoubtedly going to see the change so many of us want.

What is also unique about SmartGlamour is that it actually offers customization of each garment so it is precisely tailored to the buyer. The retailer has made a real effort to make clothing that will perfectly fit each shopper instead of the shopper having to accept whatever fit is "supposed" to work on her. I like how they've realized that not everyone's arm length, bust size, or waist measurements are exactly the same — even within, say, a size 16.

The clothing line has only had a few seasons under its belt, but with their heart and their mission, they are sure to continue producing great clothes for all sizes and shapes. You don't have to be in New York to purchase from SmartGlamour, either. You can order online from their website, which they have made incredibly user-friendly, even when it comes to figuring out how to order a customized garment.

It's a wonderful thing for a woman to be able to know that she can get a dress that will actually fit her, and I think it's obvious that sometimes we feel alienated at a particular size when that size is not readily available to us. It is SmartGlamour and other clothing lines that cater to every size that give me hope for a more body positive future in fashion, and maybe in the world. And that's something that I think everyone can appreciate.

Images: Courtesy SmartGlamour; smartglamour/Instagram; YouTube