How Much Do White Ink Tattoos Cost?

Your instincts might tell you that since these tattoos are trendy, the cost of white ink tattoos would be higher than classic shades. But despite the recent hype over white ink tattoos, white ink itself isn't new; it's the all-white look that's new on the ink scene. "Honestly, there's no real price difference between white and black ink tattoos," says Nick Sundstrom, a 22-year-old tattoo artist at Miami Tattoo Co in Miami Beach, Florida. "The price of a white tattoo depends on the design."

"White ink is used for highlights to add dimension and bump up contrast in complete tattoos," says Sundstrom, who has worked as a tattoo artist in Miami for the past three years.

Depending on your skin tone, all-white tattoos may or may not last all that long, he explains. They tend to look most vibrant on fairer complexions, but only time (and healing) will tell how your ink turns out.

Some people get white tattoos in the hopes of creating the appearance of a scar, like a livestock brand, however eccentric that may be. According to Sundstrom, an all-white tattoo is not the way to go to achieve your scar dreams.

"If you want to go for the scar look, I recommend getting a skin tone ink that's slightly darker than your skin," says Sundstrom. "If you have dark skin, it will hold up a lot better."

That being said, the heart wants what it wants. Sundstrom says he does not discourage customers from all-white tattoos. He just wants them to be informed to avoid disappointment.

Since all tattoos at Miami Tattoo Co are custom, prices start at $100, but the cost of tattoos varies from shop to shop and locale to locale. According to Inked Magazine, Miami is one of the most tattooed cities in the U.S., with more than 130 Yellow Page listings for parlors with the Miami mailing address.

While not every city boasts that much variety, feel free to take the consumer liberty of comparison shopping for the best deal, as long as your health and safety remain a priority.

Images: shannonarchuleta/Flickr; RateMyInk .