This Guy Proposed At Someone Else's Wedding, So Here Are 6 Other Times You Should Never Propose

The last thing I would ever want to happen at my wedding is anything that would take attention away from me. If you want to choke and almost die, fall over, make a moving speech, wear the best dress in the world, or anything, ANYTHING at all, that might make you the "star" of the day, GTFO. I don't want you. And if you even think of proposing to your partner on my special day, well, I'll have some kind of sniper situation ready to take you out. Obviously, this dude didn't get the memo, as a photo circulating on the Interwebs shows a hideously overstepping guest proposing to his girlfriend at a wedding in front of the bride and groom. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?

WHO DOES THAT? The photo was originally posted by a Reddit user with the caption "Any girl's wedding nightmare", although the user has since deleted their account. The photo seems like it will exist forever, however, on Imgur, because the Internet never forgets. Meanwhile, the top comment on the Reddit thread pretty much sums up exactly what's going on here: "Such a d*ck move." No, really. Don't propose to your partner on someone else's big day. I mean...Really?

While we're at it, here are some more places you should never propose:

1. At any kind of sports game

2. In a fast food restaurant (although this lady said yes so I suppose just know your audience)

3. At a funeral

4. On social media

5. On a ride

6. On a boat

Lesson learned. (I hope.)

Images: Getty Images; Imgur; Giphy(3)