You Might Be Shopping Kendall + Kylie Designs Soon

So Kendall and Kylie only just started to tease their possible collaboration with Topshop, and the anticipation is already killing me! The wait to see what this whole thing is all about is almost over because Topshop just announced that Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s clothing line will be coming on June 3rd. That's less than a week, people!

Rumors of a possible Topshop x Jenner sisters collaboration emerged awhile ago, but Vogue reported that Topshop would be carrying their PacSun line, not new clothing by the ladies. Mildly disappointing, am I right?

So, I trust Vogue with my life and all, but the game has changed. Whether or not Topshop has anything to do with it, Kendall Jenner confirmed via Twitter that a Kendall and Kylie clothing line is, in fact, in the works. What is going on with my life right now? Seriously, this is just too much.

All I know for certain as of now is that whatever is happening between Kendall, Kylie, and Topshop is going down on June 3. And know that as the clock strikes midnight on that date, I’ll be logging on to check out the fruits of the collaboration.

As far as an original clothing line from the Jenner sisters? According to Twitter and Instagram, it looks like they're planning something big. Whether it will be available at the high street retailer or not remains to be seen.

First, Kylie posted this to Instagram.

Then, Kendall kinda, sorta confirmed that this whole clothing line thing is definitely happening.

And then there's this...

I basically won't be sleeping until I can get my hands on some Kendall + Kylie!