9 'Empire' Quotes For Every Life Situation, So You, Too, Can Be As Witty As Cookie Lyon

One of my favorite things about Empire are the epic lines delivered by the characters. From Cookie Lyon's best one-liners to Lucious' King Lear-y commands, I'm always delighted to discover what's going to come out of their mouths. If the hip-hop drama doesn't teach you anything else, then it should teach you what to say in any situation that you may find yourself in. Cookie obviously is the queen of comebacks, rivaled only by Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. From the epic pet names (Dora and Boo-Boo Kitty) that she bestows on other characters to her sassy retorts, Cookie proves to us time and time again that it is best to let our voices be heard. You only hurt yourself by not speaking out.

The Lyons certainly found themselves in some sticky situations during the first season of Empire. And yet, every one of them seemed capable of holding their own no matter what was thrown their way. Jamal and Rhonda both learned to stand up to Lucious, Andre figured out his true calling, Anika became well-versed in the art of revenge, and Hakeem learned to listen instead of always opening his mouth.

None of the characters on Empire are perfect. However, they all know how to handle any scenario they may find themselves in. Here are nine Empire quotes for every situation in your life.

1. When You Want Revenge But You're Trying to Be Classy

"Just 'cause I asked Jesus to forgive you don't mean I do." —Cookie

You don't have to set it off during every situation, but sometimes it's nice to get a word in.

2. When You're Breaking Free From Bad Situations

"My obedience is no longer for sale." —Jamal

Don't let anyone try and make you change who you are.

3. When You're Feeling Lonely

"You lose your soul when you feel like the world's forgotten you." —Cookie

You're never alone. There is always someone who can relate to what you're going through.

4. When You Decide You Want To Be Grown

"I don't wanna win the game. I wanna change it." —Hakeem

Even if you still have some growing to do, the best thing to do is to believe in yourself.

5. When You're Dismissing Someone

"Bye, Felicia!" —Cookie

OK, so that one's technically not from Cookie by from Ice Cube in Friday. Still, keep it short and simple.

6. When You're Flirting

"I'm fine, so are you." —Cookie

There's nothing wrong with being a bit forward when you know what you want.

7. When Someone Underestimates Your Work Ethic

"Nothing has ever been handed to me, and I have never expected anything to either." —Rhonda

You can show people who you are better than you can tell them.

8. When You're Looking For A Gym Buddy

"Oh, you work out." —Cookie

Sometimes all it takes is a nice visual to get you motivated.

9. When You Need To Remind Someone Where They're From

“You need to stop rappin’ like you from the streets, ’cause you not about that life!” —Cookie

Whatever happened to authenticity? Real experiences make for epic music.

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