9 Stages Of Grief 'Bach' Fans Are Going Through

It's the end of an era, you guys. Yet another Bachelor couple has called it quits, and this time it's coming from completely left field. The most recent star of The Bachelor, Chris Soules, and Whitney Bischoff have ended their engagement. There were rumors plaguing the couple's relationship since the finale episode aired, but any good Bachelor fan knows to not believe it until it's been officially announced. And even then it's pretty damn difficult to believe. Chris and Whitney were so good for each other — so it seemed — so how can this be happening?

That right there is just one of the nine stages of grief Bachelor fans might be going through right now. The good news is, this isn't the first time — and certainly won't be the last time — a Bachelor or Bachelorette couple calls it quits, so fans know how to deal with this type of heartbreak. First, there's the denial stage, because how can another couple break up? There's no way this could possibly be happening. Not a couple on The Bachelor!

If you're feeling lost and alone during these trying times, I hope these stages of grief will help you move toward happiness, because there's currently another Bachelorette season airing right now. Time to get emotionally invested in yet another couple.

1. Denial

When the news first breaks, you simply don't believe it. "Yeah, okay Twitter. You're drunk, go home," you think.

2. Numbness

You feel nothing. Emptiness.

3. Pit-In-Stomach

It starts to sink in. NOT ANOTHER ONE.

4. Complete Anger

Pure. Rage. How can this happen. AGAIN. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

5. Guilt

This is my fault, you think. This is because of me. I failed you, Chris and Whitney.

6. Depression

Cue your James Blunt playlist.

7. Recollection

Remembering the better times.

8. Confusion

Wait a second. You remember this is The Bachelor. Very few couples actually make it.

9. Acceptance

You accept this breakup and move on to rooting for one of the men on The Bachelorette. Just know, this list will be here for you if another couple doesn't work out. If that were to ever happen again on the franchise.

Images: Chris Soules/Instagram; Giphy (8)