9 Reasons Why Chris & Whitney Need To Last

Practically ever since The Bachelor finale, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff have been plagued by breakup rumors. Many cited Dancing With the Stars as the catalyst for their alleged arguing, saying that Soules was paying too much attention to his partner Witney Carson. Others said that Bischoff wasn't as fond of Iowa as the show led viewers to believe. I'm firmly in the camp that doesn't believe these rumors. What's the point in tearing down this new relationship? Especially because Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff make such a lovely couple, and they need to last.

After Chris Soules failed to woo Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette, he got his second chance at love on The Bachelor, and he is one of the only contestants who really needed the show to find a wife. With the small population of his hometown, Soules didn't have a lot of options, especially since he needed to find someone down with the small-town Iowa life. Fortunately The Bachelor allowed him to find Whitney Bischoff, who loved Soules, small town and all. The pair is so cute together, and I can't handle another Bachelor breakup.

So for their sake, and ours, here are nine reasons why this relationship has to work out.

Too Few Bachelors Have Gotten Married

In 19 seasons, Sean Lowe is the only Bachelor to have ever walked down the aisle. But, Chris Soules can change that.

And It's Been Over A Year Since A Bachelor Wedding

Lowe's ceremony was in January 2014; we're due for another live television Bachelor event.

There's No Other Women In His Town

Bustle's Nicole Pomarico discovered that there were only four single women living in Arlington, Iowa. That means, if Soules and Bischoff can't make things work, he's basically doomed to be single forever.

They're Both Super Sweet

Soules wasn't really one of the most interesting Bachelors, but he was one of the nicest. He deserves to have things go his way, and Bischoff deserves the same.

They'd Make Cute Babies

You can't deny future generations these pretty kids!

She's Interested In What He's Doing

Soules finally found himself a fiancee who doesn't mind planting corn with him. He needs to hold on to that forever.

He's Respecting Her Career

Soules isn't forcing Bischoff to move to Iowa right this second. He's respecting that she doesn't want to quit her career right now, and he's working with her slowed-down timeline.

He Finally Learned How To Dance

DWTS turned Soules from a "doing the sprinkler" dancer into someone with actual talent. Now they can go on sweet dancing dates!

They're So Cute Together

They need to stay together just based on their adorableness. They're too perfect together for things to not work out.

Image: Rick Rowell, Jean Whiteside/ABC