6 Hilary Duff Songs That Need To Be TV Show Themes, Because Her Music Is Perfect Every Show

As anyone who grew up glued to Disney Channel can attest (read: me), back in the day, Hilary Duff was the queen of television. The Lizzie McGuire actress may be a grown-up now (and, uh, so am I), but that doesn't mean that I can't look back fondly on the ways she changed pop culture forever — like, for example, by providing the theme song for the MTV reality show Laguna Beach . Duff's tune "Come Clean" worked so well for the Lauren Conrad-starring series, despite the fact that the series was set in Southern California and the song was all about rain washing away your problems (unfortunately for SoCal, the lack of rain is the problem). It just worked, OK? Although Laguna Beach was the the only show that got a Duff-tastic theme song, let's be honest with ourselves: what TV show wouldn't benefit from a Duff theme song in its opening credits?

It's not like she has a shortage of catchy tunes that would act as a TV show theme song perfectly: In fact, "Come Clean" is just one of her songs that makes for an excellent theme, and it's too bad that more shows aren't currently mining her discography for their perfect theme. Just in case any upcoming shows need a short list, here are the Duff songs that would be perfect for television.

"Why Not"

This song is seriously aspirational and perfect for an ABC Family dramedy about a Midwestern girl just trying to make it in the fashion industry in NYC. Because, come on — you know that's a show that'll happen at some point.


"Fly" is perfect for a sexy supernatural drama. Has The CW made a TV show about fairies just trying to make it through high school yet?

"What Dreams Are Made Of"

Ugh, so many feels over this song. Perfect for some wish-fulfillment TV series, like an American Idol-esque series, or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

"Reach Out"

Speaking of sexy, this... video is actually pretty awkward. But the song itself is pretty steamy — Showtime steamy, maybe?

"Chasing The Sun"

One of Duff's newer hits, this song would be absolutely perfect for anything beach-related — like another Laguna Beach spinoff, perhaps?


E! needs to scoop this one up for a new reality dating show IMMEDIATELY.