Hilary Duff's New "Sparks" Video Is A Neon Party

When Hilary Duff first debuted the "Sparks" music video, suddenly a lot of things about her recent life began to make sense. In numerous interviews, the former Disney star had discussed the fact that she was now on Tinder, and how excited she was to be starting her first dates via the social networking app. Then "Sparks" came out, and we realized right away that her Tinder dates had just been research and fodder for the video, which showcased two of her dates interspersed with neon dance parties. Now Duff has released an alternate "Sparks" music video, this one completely removing all of the Tinder aspects to focus solely on the dancing around in neon clothes and rooms. Which one you prefer is really a matter of taste.

While it's easy to joke that Duff has now finally made a music video instead of a Tinder ad, both music videos are amazing in their own right. What started as a joke between her and her friends became a way for Duff to learn more about herself, and to experience a form of life she never had before. The alternate video is straight-up fun, featuring Duff and her back-up dancers cycling through many different, brightly colored rooms and hairstyles while dancing around to the song. It looks like the kind of fun that we all wish that we were having.

Here are the 11 best moments from the video.

1. When Duff Had A Bedazzled Collar

I want one. Now, please.

2. And These Pink Pants

OK, so maybe I have an obsession with bedazzled collars and the color pink. Plus, you know, pink pants.

3. The Amazing Wallpapers

Not only is each room brightly colored, but the screen would also split to allow for zebra print or watery wallpapers to begin to swallow the rest of the screen. They were epic.

4. When She Danced With A Ball

I have no idea why, but it happened. And, hey, at least it matched.

5. When There Was This Fuzziness

My favorite of all the wallpapers. Considering how much color is being flung in our faces right now, the fact that this still matches everything is truly commendable.

6. These Gymnastics

How is she doing that?! You know which one I'm talking about.

7. When They Had A Close-Up

Everyone in this music video just looks so talented, and like they're having so much fun, and why wasn't I invited?

8. When She Was On TV

This music video is getting very, very meta.

9. When She Was On TV Again

Are we watching three different shows? Are we being given three different collectors' item TVs? What is happening?

10. When She Started Pantomiming

In this shot that is shared between the two versions of the "Sparks" music video, Duff reminds us exactly where our heart is.

11. When She Says Goodbye

Too cute.

Check out the new video below.

Image: YouTube (11)