I Took The Charlie Charlie Challenge, And Asked The Internet's Favorite Demon To Run My Life

If you're a fan of internet fads, casually invoking demons, or playing fun games involving office supplies, you've probably already heard about the Charlie Charlie Challenge. If you haven't — the game involves drawing a grid of the words "yes"and "no" on a piece of paper, then balancing two pencils across it, and saying "Charlie, Charlie, can we play?" Charlie — who, depending on your source, is either a demon, a ghost, or a viral marketing ploy for pencils — then responds by knocking one of the pencils into one of the answer boxes, presumably because he really loves giving advice to people who are already bored of being on summer break.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge has swept the social networking landscape, leading thousands of people to throw caution to the wind and contact one of Satan's henchmen in order to get answers to important questions, like if Zayn will ever reconcile with One Direction (hey, who else would know, right?). But I had some less pressing questions for this alleged ghost/ demon/ function of gravity. I make tiny decisions all day every day, and I feel like I usually make the wrong call. Could a hell beast from the mysterious beyond really make worse to day-to-day decisions for me than I make for myself? And so, I took the Charlie Charlie Challenge, and asked the internet's friendly ghost to do some light life coaching for me. Spoiler alert: apparently demons and I have the same stance on mid-day ice cream.