Kanye West & Leo DiCaprio Are Friends

Just a few years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio was known as a model-izer who starred in serious movie after serious movie in an attempt to finally get that Oscar. Now, he is known as a model-izer who stars in serious movie after serious movie in an attempt to finally get that Oscar... who also parties with Kanye West and 2 Chainz. What a fun guy! Try not to become obsessed with this scenario, which actually happened: Kanye West and 2 Chainz performed at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party. The two musicians then got off stage and started to chat with the Wolf of Wall Street actor. But what about? What could West and DiCaprio possibly have in common? An interest in Renaissance art? An appreciation for well-made suits? The belief that they're both the king of the world?

We can't imagine, and that's what so enticing about this entire scenario. Here we were, thinking of Leo DiCaprio as some stodgy 39-year-old prude, taking himself very seriously and aging questionably when in fact he has been partying with rappers and throwing awesome parties the entire time! All of a sudden, that Gisele Bündchen thing from back in the day makes soooo much more sense. The dude knows how to get down, clearly. (See this trailer for further evidence.) Otherwise why would West and 2 Chainz have offered to hit his event? And, we suspect, talk to DiCaprio about their following shared interests?

1) A Shared Love Of Jay-Z

I mean, Hova did write the entire Great Gatsby soundtrack, more or less.

2) Models, Man. Models.

Aren't they great? Both men have worked their way through an impressive number of campaign faces, so you can bet this came up (even if West is more of a reality-star-man these days).

3) How Much Better They Are Than Everyone Else

"Leo, you're the fucking man. Your movies rock, man."

"I KNOW right? Same for you, Yeezus was a work of art."

"I KNOW. God we are so accomplished."

"True. Also I banged Bar Refaeli for a while."

"CONGRATS. #NoDisrespectToGiseleBundchen"

And with these few, strange similarities, I imagine a deep and abiding friendship being born.