Sorry, Bey, Your Food Is Stealing The Spotlight

Some might not believe it or don't want me to say it, but Beyoncé shared photos from her Italy trip via her Tumblr page and let me tell you, the food in her pics are totally stealing the superstar's spotlight. "How is that possible?" you might be asking yourself. Well, once you see the delicious pizza and what I assume is gelato next to Beyoncé's beautiful face, you'll understand.

As you can see below, never has pizza and gelato look so good. Of course, Bey makes the food look even more appetizing, but all I can stare at is both Italian delicacies. Seriously, who wants to grab a slice and eat some ice cream after this with me? Any takers?

In addition to posing with food, as we all do at one time or another, Beyoncé also posted adorable photos with daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Per her usual fashion, Blue Ivy also outshines her mom — much like the food —with her pure cuteness. For one, because Blue has cute little bows in her hair. And also, because she looks so fascinated on that carousel with her mom. If Blue Ivy, mouthwatering food, Queen Bey, and Jay Z doesn't say a fun trip in Italy, I don't know what does.