Diane Keaton's Pinterest Features '90s Goth Mary-Janes & A Bunch Of Other Surprises

A person's Pinterest boards can say a lot about them — for example, mine says that I cook a lot, am in love Rihanna, and have serious baby fever (or womb fire, as I call it). But Diane Keaton's Pinterest is full of stylish and sophisticated boards that put all of mine to shame. And when I think about it, that's all totally expected since Keaton is a one of a kind woman.

In everyone's style book, there are things that are completely expected and those few random wild cards. And even though I never thought I would say this, Keaton is just like everyone else. For starters, almost every one of Keaton's boards are full of black and white images. Does that sound familiar, like maybe a lot like her wardrobe? From fashion shots to landscapes, everything is seen with an artistic eye. Even the names of the boards scream poetic. Things like, "A Kiss Is Still A Kiss," "Old is Gold," and "Light My Fire" are just a few to mention. But that's not to say there wasn't anything different lurking in the black and white contrast. Because, in the few fashion boards she had, there were.

In one board titled, "After A Fashion," you get a glimpse of Keaton's obsession with '90s goth shoes. The "Ebony and Ivory" board features a black snapback with the word "BOY" in white font. And in "A Different Stripe," her love of stripes shines bright.

The deeper I delve, the more interested I am. And even though I've never experienced Pinterest envy, I can tell that's what I'm feeling now.

BOY Snapback

Remember last year when everyone was going through a "snapbacks back" phase? Here's a classy version of the classic hat. (Boy London Black/White Boy London Snapback Cap, $50, hypebeast.com).

Buckle Strap Wedge Black

If you're feeling extra Wednesday Addams, look no further than these goth-tastic pair of buckle wedges. The biggest bummer is that they're currently sold out, everywhere, but keep your eye on them for fall.

Images: Polyvore(1)