Sally Jonsson Is Bucking Model Stereotpyes

There is a chance that you haven't yet heard of Sally Jonsson yet. She's an up-and-coming model who is making serious waves in the industry, and to top that off, she's going to go ahead and buck model stereotypes. Jonsson's food blog and modeling combo take those "models eat like birds" rumors and turns them on their head, because her food looks delicious! Similar to other foodie models like Chrissy Teigen, Jonsson celebrates her love of food while also working in an industry that encourages physical perfection.

In case you're unfamiliar with Jonsson, the Swedish beauty was originally scouted as a teenager but ultimately turned away from multiple agencies. Based on her recent work, we find that kind of shocking, but she's definitely making up for lost time now! At 21, the beauty returned and walked for greats like Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga. The model hasn't shed any tears about not beginning her career at a younger age. Instead, she explains to, "There are a lot of things that I got to do while I was still in school, and I didn’t miss out on my graduation. I have my degrees. I don’t need to have that itching in my back all the time, like, 'I didn’t finish school.' Absolutely, I’m more prepared for modeling, for it happening now."

Jonsson's focus on school is potentially what gave her the chops to run her own cooking blog. That's where the idea originated actually. Now, she's even enrolled in public health and nutrition classes to help with work. The model/foodie has always had a love affair with food, and her modeling only appears to have helped along the connection. She explains:

We’ve always been a family that is passionate about cooking and eating well. I mean, even if you were only a kid, you’d be peeling the carrots, just to have a part in the kitchen. But then when I went to Paris—my first time when I was 16 years old—I had to buy all my groceries, make all my food, make sure that there was food at home for a month. I think that’s when my interest started. And then when I came back, I started to cook a little bit more at home, and then I started this project in school to keep a food blog.

Though you may not yet know Sally, we're betting you will, and hopefully, this can act as an introduction to the Swedish beauty. After all, she's basically a fashion Cinderella story: scouted at 13, denied by agencies, and making a triumphant return at 21. She's got one hell of a fashion career kicking off, and based on the recipes on her blog, maybe she'll even make the jump to chef. If you're interested in Sally's blog, check it out here, but be sure to have a translator on head because it's definitely in Swedish. Basically, Jonsson is the gorgeous equivalent of everyone's favorite Swedish Chef muppet.

Images: Skippa Nudlarna