Erin Wasson Hates When You Do This On Instagram

We pledge allegiance to the Erin Wasson x Pacsun collection because it’s all about the star-spangled country, y’all! Wasson is always rocking an edgy, tomboy style, while balancing it out with some femininity. Her collection already dropped and is available for purchase today. A couple months ago, Wasson told Women Wears Daily that this collection was inspired by her Texan roots and American pride. She also recently sat down with Who What Wear and spoke to them about her collection and even some of her pet peeves about social media.

Even though I’ve never been the super-duper patriotic type, I’m seriously in love with the Southern Bell Romper. The flared sleeves and the relaxed fit makes it look like such a comfortable piece to wear on hotter days. But in Wasson’s opinion, she thinks a universal favorite would be the Zip Front Super Flare Jeans, which have a, “Farrah Fawcett throwback vintage feel that [she] think[s] makes everyone happy.” And if you do end up copping a pair of those beautiful light washed jeans, share how you style it on Instagram using #pserinwasson. Just be sure you don’t over-advertise though, because one of Wasson’s pet peeves is when Instagrammers share, “too damn much.” She continued to explain how, “nobody really cares what you had for dinner or what you look like when you’re about to go to sleep.” Mm, preach it girl.

For the rest of the interview, check it out on Who What Wear.

Image: whowhatwear/Instagram