All Underwear Can Be Feminist Underwear, OK?

by Lindsey Rose Black

Granny panties were splashed across The New York Times this morning (p.s. lol) in a report on how millenial women are shunning thongs in favor of full-coverage “feminist underwear.” While the article provides clear sales evidence that the shift is occurring (one my thong-loathing self is totally in favor of), I do think the conception of full-coverage undies being seen as “feminist” and skimpy, strappy thongs as, uhm, anti-feminist (?) is totally outdated. Did Beyoncé not already just prove that point in her neon yellow lace bra get-up yesterday in Manhattan?

Personally, I say feminism is wearing whatever you want to wear and feeling good about it. So if you love soft, high-rise granny panties, go rock that sexy full-coverage look. But for the thong lovers out there (my sister is one of them so I know they exist), it doesn’t make you any less progressive or feminist to feel sexy and fabulous in a strappy little neon thong. Heck, maybe commando is even what makes you feel best. At the end of the day, you’re the one that has to wear your underwear, so let the choice be yours. #UndieEmpowerment

Speaking of choices, I’ve rounded up what I think are some of the sexiest, most awesome feminist underwear options out there. And what makes them feminist? The fact that they’re underwear for sale that you can choose to buy if they make you feel strong and beautiful. ‘Nuff said.

Here are five of the hottest feminist underwear options on the market:

1. The Cute Granny

Feminist Underwear, $25, It's Me and You

The NYT article highlighted It's Me and You underwear brand and, I'm not gonna lie, these are beautiful and look so, so stinkin' comfy and sexy in a fun way.

2. Minimalist Ovary Briefs (You Read That Right)

Panties with Uterus Print, $30, Etsy

If you're looking for underwear that clearly say I AM WOMAN, look no further. Bonus points that these briefs could also help you study for an anatomy exam.

3. The Power Thong

Earth Feminist Symbol Classic Thong, $12.99, Cafe Press

Okay, so a thong doesn't necessarily need a full-on feminist symbol printed on it to be considered progressive, but let's be real, this is pretty awesome. Looking at them makes me feel like kick boxing–level pumped. Woo!

4. Shark Week Period Panties

Shark Week Panties, $12, Hare Brained

So a guy actually designed these, and I love them a lot. They turn periods into something empowering, a little comedic, and totally hardcore. P.S. If the shark week ones aren't you thing, you haveeee to click the link anyway and look at all the ridiculously cool choices.

5. The Silky Smooth Granny

High-Waisted Satin Knickers, $20, Topshop

Something about silk just screams sexy, and these high-waisted satin granny panties are 100 percent on point.

Image Credits: It's Me and You, , KnickerRocker - Etsy The Alater - Cafe Press HareBrained TopShop USA