Tanner Clan Nearly Complete For 'Fuller House'

Thank you TV gods: Bob Saget is joining Fuller House and will return as the beloved patriarch Danny Tanner. There's no word yet whether Saget will be back in a guest spot or a regular role, but those are extraneous details. Get ready guys, the Full House reunion has just gotten very real.

The awesome news comes the same day Lori Laughlin announced she's also returning as Aunt Becky. John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber have already signed on for the Netflix series. The sequel will focus on a pregnant and widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller navigating life with sister Stephanie and BFF-for-life Kimmy Gibbler. Stamos broke the Fuller House news Thursday, albeit with some minor typos. But hey, that doesn't matter because the Tanner clan is complete.

Last but not least-best piece of casting yet. The great @bobsaget will be joining our show on @netfilx this completes the perfect reunon!

When it came to raising his three daughter singlehandedly (okay, with the help of his brother-in-law and friend), Danny was the perfect dad. He was always willing to help with boy troubles and taught us all of life's most important lessons. Like this gem:

How a person looks on the outside isn't nearly as important as who they are on the inside.

Okay guys. That means the last hold-outs for a true Full House reunion are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but it's already been disclosed they won't be returning with the rest of the cast. Yes, the Olsens bowed out of the acting world years ago, but with everyone else officially on board, could there be enough pressure for them to come back? Maybe? Possibly?

Image: ABC